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Two weekends ago we had a code. There was two R.N.'s on the floor with 10 patients. 2 of the 10 patients were unstable. We had no secretary. (by the way it's a cardiac stepdown) One of the CCU... Read More

    Worked floor the entire time I was an LPN and going through RN school. Worked on a Cardiac StepDown, and pretty much catch all unit. Worked there 3 yrs and a Cardiac Surgeon, requested that 3 of the nurses on that unit be crossed trained to CVICU and ICU, so we did. It was great I loved every minute of it until I went down to watch a Open Heart Surgery and I have been in Surgery ever since. I jump back and fourth to the units just to keep my skills up to parr.
  2. by   JohnnyGage
    The biggest difference between working in ICU and the floor -- and the part I think is most important -- is that as an ICU nurse you are able to truly know your patient. Not just name, doc, and diagnosis, but their complete medical history! Because you only have one or two patients, you are able to work your extensive knowledge of the patient in their favor. Not only is it fun and challenging to be able to have all the information you need, but the physicians will expect you to know it as well.
  3. by   HazelLPN
    I worked general med/surg for nearly 8 years before working in ICU. One day I was floated to the ICU and I was terrified! However, the people were so nice to me that I began enjoying my floats more than working on my own floor. I only had one or two paitents to take care of, everything was right at the bedside, lots of people to help you and so much to learn and absorb. One day I floated down and honestly never went back to the floor. I interviewed right at a lady's bedside. Basically consisted of "would you like to work down here full time from now on?" I said yes and 36 years later, I'm still here.
  4. by   KC CHICK
    Wow. With all of these responses, I'm even MORE excited to be going to the unit. I only have two more weeks on tele....WOOHOO!
    I just got through with a crazy weekend on the med/tele floor I work on now. Had 5 nurses for 34 patients on sat night and 5 nurses for 32 patients last night....absolutely HATE being shorted like that. I was also charge.....for the entire weekend (fri, sat, and sun.)

    I can't wait!!!
  5. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Having done my time as a floor nurse, I know those guys and gals deserve TONS of credit. You say you enjoyed med/surg and step-down (cardiac) so I would recommend you try SICU. Lower, nurse/py ratio and you get a blend of both worlds. You will also get to fine tune the quality and quantity of your nursing care. The challenge is amazing and the results are always gratifying. Good luck in your new venture into nursing.