Do all the ICU RNs gossip? - page 2

What's the deal? It seems like everyone in our unit gossips about each other, behind the back or even in front of another's face! I can't stand this crap.... Read More

  1. by   jemommyRN
    I don't think its ALL, but I know that where I work, they talk about each other all the time and then laughing and joking with the same one they just talked about! I can't wait to graduate, I'm outta here!!!!
  2. by   NurseDawg06
    I completely agree with RainDreamer
  3. by   sistasoul
    Quote from JBaldwin-RN
    The amount of gossiping and complaining about this and that, that I hear throughout the shift irritates the heck of me. I try my hardest to just stay away from it. When I am around a group and I hear the crud start to fly, I excuse myself and walk away. I feel my patients deserve my full amount of time when I am there, and if I have time to gossip/trash talk, then obviously, my patients aren't getting the full amount of attention they need. I have found there is ALWAYS something to do.
    I love this post. I work as an LNA and I don't know how anyone has the time to stand around and gossip. I work on a cardiac floor and the nurses on my unit are usually to busy to gossip. I find people who maliciously gossip about others need to make themselves feel better about themselves and are usually bullies. Just my 2 cents.
  4. by   dayshiftnurse
    we do "The HFO Dance" with our HFO patients to try and pass the time and take away stress...relaxing together i think, helps us avoid getting into that harmful chit-chat thing
  5. by   gentle_ben_RN
    I personally get highly offended if someone hasn't said atleast one snide remark about me daily. Then again, I usually give them something to talk about anyway. Afterall, that's what they live for.... to nurse the sick, and talk about the nurses who nurse the sick.
  6. by   nursenpnk
    I find it rather ironic that ICU nurses tend to have the sickest of the sick but gee golly we still find time to gossip, it's sad but like many others have said you see it in all areas of nursing, and not just nursing, but also other professions and workplace environments. Do yourself a favor and stay patient focused, contributing to the chaos only adds to the problem :-) Easier said than done, believe me, I struggle with it at times, but I have learned to bite my tongue
  7. by   Newandconfused
    The same thing goes on where I work. The clinical manager sets the tone. She gossips just as much if not more about her staff. I feel the same way as you-avoidance is the best answer. I know I have been on the other end of the gossip (like everyone that has ever taken a breath in that unit) so I have a hard time even carrying on a normal conversation with most of them.