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  1. Newandconfused

    Dreading work. Advice?

    I feel the same way you do. As a matter of fact I sit here with this stomach ache that has not gone away since I transferred into ICU. I am 10mos in to this and can not wait until my year is in so I can get away from the same type of co-workers you...
  2. Newandconfused

    Long hospital orientation...

    Hopefully your orientation is more clinical than classroom. If it is, be happy. Take advantage of it by learning all that you can while you have someone to fall back on. You will be on your own soon enough.
  3. Newandconfused

    Life after quitting first job as RN

    When I was reading this I had to take a doubletake at your name to make sure I had not written this thread!!!!! I haven't left my facility yet. I am trying real hard to get a transfer from the unit I am in ONLY b/c I want my 1 year in and then I am...
  4. Newandconfused

    jjust need a hug

    Hang in there. I would hope your hospital would not treat this as a 'call in' You couldn't help this. Slowing down is not an option in our field of choice. A friend I graduated with broke her ankle and had to get pins placed in it during the last...
  5. Newandconfused

    Messed Up Big Time

    I am not making light of your situation, as I am sure you have learned from it the hard way. But my clinical manager hands out write-ups to the new and to the old as if it were candy on Halloween night.
  6. Newandconfused

    Confused on whether to quit or not

    One thing I have learned in the hospital I work for is not to expect kindness from my fellow nurses. If they are kind to my face, I watch my back. I am not suprised a preceptor slammed a door in your face. I agree with the other post--stick it out...
  7. Newandconfused

    punishment advice.....please......

    This is a problem everywhere I guess. I thought it was just my hospital. On the floor I used to work on I actually had 2 CNA's (that I know of) that could not take manual blood pressures or would not tell me if the pt's VS were not WNL (I think the...
  8. Newandconfused

    State law says to wait until taking NCLEX??

    Your time frame sounds like mine. I heard the same thing about new grads not getting the orientation time deserved. Good Luck on NCLEX!
  9. Newandconfused

    Travelers with One Year experience

    Thank You for all of your tips and advice. I know a couple of travelers who work through American Mobile and are happy with them. I have spent the majority of this year on day shift on an extremely busy Med/Surge floor. I have learned a lot. I have t...
  10. Does any other state besides KY say a nursing student graduate has to wait to take NCLEX after graduating? I had to wait until I worked 120 hours before I could take my NCLEX. At the time it didn't bother me to much but now that I graduated in Decem...
  11. Newandconfused

    Travelers with One Year experience

    I would love to hear from the travelers who had only one year nursing experience when they started. I know some say don't do it, but what about the ones who have done it? Who did you go through? Would you do it again?
  12. Newandconfused

    Med/Surg to ICU

    I had 10 months Med/Surge experience b/4 I transferred to ICU. There is good and bad with that. Yes, I love the fact that I have my organizational skills down pat, I have no problem calling a doc etc. I have ran into the problem with my co-workers th...
  13. Newandconfused

    Do all the ICU RNs gossip?

    The same thing goes on where I work. The clinical manager sets the tone. She gossips just as much if not more about her staff. I feel the same way as you-avoidance is the best answer. I know I have been on the other end of the gossip (like everyon...
  14. Newandconfused

    DVT prophylaxis orders

    It is also a part of our admission. There is even a box asking how we will contact the doctor about it if it is not included in thier orders. (telephone, progress note, etc) I don't know how long our hospital has had this policy, but I guess long e...
  15. As I approach my one year mark I am still coming across times when things happen that I feel I should of known after the fact. Example..I worked Med/Surge for 7 months b/4 going to ICU (Honestly wished I would have stayed on the Med/Surge floor). Abo...