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nursenpnk is a RN and specializes in MSICU starting PICU.

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  1. nursenpnk

    Full Circle, My First Year of Nursing

    you have summarized my first year as a nurse as well, however, my patients were adults, so a tid bit bigger ;-) Thanks for sharing your experiences! Hope all is well in the NICU :-) I now take care of lil ones in the PICU but thoroughly enjoy a float to the NICU, love those lil peanuts
  2. nursenpnk

    PICU Nurses

    I have been in the PICU in connecticut for the past 6 months, I transitioned from the adult world to the pediatric world and still do both, but LOVE my kidders much more than my adults. We are an 18 bed unit that takes med/surg, cardiac,neuro,and trauma so a lil bit of everything. We have some 36hr nurses and some 40 with the option of picking up extra as we still have a few positions to be filled. We have A LOT of new nurses, there are times when the most experienced nurse, besides the resource nurses, only has 2-3 years of experience. However, we are really growing and making great strides in pt care. Our pt care ratios are usually 2 pts to one nurse, unless we have a sick cardiac or very serious kiddo then they are 1:1, occasionally we will triple our lil ones that are heading out to the floor or are chronic vents that need vent checks and daily care.
  3. nursenpnk

    Being on the Code team freaks me out

    My hospital really helps with this as we have a lab where nurses and doctors get together to review code situations with a unique dummy that will breathe and respond to interventions ect through a computerized program that is controlled by someone watching the code team and listening to what we are doing and asking. This really helps me to feel a bit more prepared, but i still get butterflies in my stomach when I get the the code beeper ect
  4. nursenpnk

    Do all the ICU RNs gossip?

    I find it rather ironic that ICU nurses tend to have the sickest of the sick but gee golly we still find time to gossip, it's sad but like many others have said you see it in all areas of nursing, and not just nursing, but also other professions and workplace environments. Do yourself a favor and stay patient focused, contributing to the chaos only adds to the problem :-) Easier said than done, believe me, I struggle with it at times, but I have learned to bite my tongue
  5. nursenpnk

    Dont you just love them

    "I think we all need to remember that sometimes it's easy on these boards to post a response that is closer to our own personal values than to how we would react as a nurse on duty. Just so long as when we are on duty we remember to react as a nurse on duty, with empathy and nonjudgementally. Leave the venting for Allnurses.com.;)" couldn't have said it any better;)
  6. nursenpnk

    Problems with Dansko shoes?

    i LOVE my danskos, but i find that my feet need a break every once in awhile and i will throw a pair of sneakers on for a night just to break it up. i have also found that if you wear them a lot they need to be replaced probably every year, for me anyways i am so hard on my shoes~ i am the foot slapper, due to the fact that i feel as though i am always rushing around!
  7. nursenpnk

    Dont you just love them

    EMPATHY i can only imagine what it is like to be in their shoes, meaning the abuser, the family of the abuser and the nurse taking care of them ect. addictions are illnesses and who am i to judge. so hard in our profession but essential!
  8. nursenpnk

    What do you do in clinicals?

    hmmm hiding from instructors, pretending your busy, hoping to get a stroked out pt so you can sit and watch tv....sounds like nursing might not be for you! Please re-evaluate why you want to be a nurse and realize that you will NOT be able to hide when you are THE NURSE! Best wishes....not trying to be rude but i was rather surprised by some of the replies
  9. nursenpnk

    Are nurses unsupportive spouse magnets??

    Nursing is so diverse as are the spouses, mates, friends of those in the nursing profession. Good that we can all discuss our issues with relationships, but really i think this generalization is unfair. I can see the nurturing nature of a nurse impacting their outside relationships, however, there are many other professions that require this and I don't feel that they have this reputation.
  10. nursenpnk

    Teaching vs. Non-teaching hospital

    Teaching all the way! I was a new grad in the MSICU and I loved the organized orientation process and being around doctors that were also learning ! I worked at nite so there were many times where we were discussing a particular condition and both bringing something to the table to determine what was best for this particular pt situation. I also liked participating in rounds during the day because it was a teach hospital the attending docs really helped put the whole picture together for complicated pts ect.
  11. nursenpnk

    Interview dress code and hair length

    Looks won't get you the job, but professional appearance sure will :-) My rule is always dress a level above your expected work appearance so a knee length skirt suit ect would be appropriate and hair up is very appropriate as you will probably be required to pin it up when working in the facility. Thats just me though, however BEST of LUCK on your interview :-)
  12. nursenpnk

    new grads in icu

    I spent my first year in an MSICU with 22 beds, I understand that new grads need to get the experience of taking care of the sickest of the sick, but we all have to start somewhere. I actually left this particular unit because I felt that new nurses were put into compromising situations when patients were crashing and the resource/charge nurse was not available to assist in pt care. I knew what I was getting into, I wanted to take the sickest of the sick, but at the same time patient safety is a HUGE concern. It is very appropriate to give new grads sick patients when there are resources to support them, I just think it's crazy for people to criticize newbies for not feeling completely comfortable with taking the sickest of the sick, if you learn to ride a bike you don't just jump on you do the training wheels then once you get things underway you remove them and spread your wings, that is how nursing needs to be for me. Being a new grad it is SO important to learn organization and fine tune your assessment skills so that when you do get your sick pts you can take the necessary actions. I also understand that the senior staff cant consistently take the sickest of the sick, however it is critical care and we all have to meet half way and realize that it is our duty to care for the sickest of the sick and somehow we need to balance this out among nursing staff. My new job has 9 new nurses ALL going to nites, so it will be interesting to see how we all function off orientation, some of them are new grads, where others have experience other than PICU, should be interesting to see how pt assignments are organized especially because we try to follow our patients with our own form of primary nursing care.
  13. nursenpnk

    Do you have to work full time when you get done with school?

    I am not trying to discourage new grads from working part time, esp if you have a family, but I know that for me working full time was very beneficial because it helped me to really reinforce what I had learned in school, learn new skills on my particular unit and get acquainted with the facility and staff, I work three days a week granted its 12 hr shifts and that is working out well for me, however i do not have kidders and i know that lil ones make going to work a lil bit harder. Best of luck to you, hopefully you will find a hospital that will meet your needs, that is the wonderful thing about nursing, it is pretty flexible esp after you get that first year in, doors start to open :-)
  14. nursenpnk

    Spin off of dating patients. RN's dating docs?

    I have just browsed this thread and i must say all this advice is making me chuckle. Three years ago I met an intern while I was a nursing student and I went through a very similar situation. Best of luck with your own situation, just keep in mind that being professional is always key and be ready to hear all sorts of stereotypes regarding docs and their behavior when it comes to relationships and I must say nothing against nurses but they usually are not the best people to ask for advice about regarding starting a relationship with docs sometimes there can be multiple issues totally unrelated to the individual you are pursuing that may come into play when giving advice. I have went through this time and time again. Yes they are busy, some have ego issues ect ect but there are some amazing docs that are just great guys/gals that deserve a chance in the dating pool just as much as any other person. If this does work out for you be prepared to have an interesting ride as their schedules seem to make having a relationship a bit more difficult but all that more interesting :-)
  15. nursenpnk

    What field of Nursing will you work in??? & best/worst place to work?

    oh my JailRN seeing that i look like i am 12 and am constantly told i am too nice, i suppose working in a corrections facility will not be for me. I start in the PICU monday so hopefully working with the kidders will be a good fit for me! I am amazed at all of your experiences, i worked in msicu for a year and am now trying picu and it seems that a lot of people look at me like i am crazy, can't tell you how many people have made sly remarks regarding changing areas of nursing, but that is the wonderful thing about nursing, you CAN change to different areas to truly find out what you love :-)
  16. nursenpnk

    60 Second Tube Feed Stop********

    I believe at my particular hospital, our protocol says that every day at 8 am the a-line and nbp need to be correlated and any difference can be reported and discussed with m.d. and per pt condition to determine if more frequent monitoring is necessary. I have had a physician tell me to pull the a-line as the pt was transferable, as in could go to the floor. the a-line was showing a pressure 40 points higher than the nbp even after troubleshooting, his theory was, "The pt won't be going on the floor with an a-line nor will he be at home with the a-line" but when they are super sick i have no trouble torturing their arms if it means ensuring their kidneys are being perfused ect