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I was hoping to start a "sticky" for those of us facing micro this spring. I've done (and kind of enjoyed) A&P I and II but am nervous about this course. If anyone finds any good links, has Q&As or hints to share, etc., could we add them here? I have seen other posts about micro, but only by doing a search and couldn't find a dedicated thread. If there is one, point me in the right direction and I'll shut up. LOL!

Happy New Year everyone!


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like you,I am also starting microbiology in spring 2008 and am nervous. I have heard it's hard and I took an instructor with good reputation but I am worried whether I will get A or not. :nono:


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I'll be doing Micro this spring, too! I did Physiology last semester and found it relatively easy and enjoyable, so I'm hoping this will be similar.


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Is Microbiology available thru any of the online colleges? Thanks!


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Hello fellow micro students! I will also be taking micro in the spring semester, although with physiology. It will be a busy semester, and I'm nervous about this courseload.

Good luck, and let's help each other out! :)




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You're not alone, Kens, in having a full schedule. I must be nuts, but as well as micro I'm doing two "accelerated" courses (Human Growth and Development and English Comp) for the first half of the semester. In other words, they are finished in half the number of weeks but have the same amount of work as full-semester courses. I'm doing this because they are both courses that our school "looks at" and gives points for in the nursing application, and they have said that if I complete them by March they will actually look at them for me. Otherwise I would be two courses "short." I'm going to be tearing my hair out for the first half of this semester (full-time job and a teenage daughter as well). We can cry on each other's shoulders, okay?

SK_RN, I don't know if micro is available online, but I tend to doubt it because of the lab component. There may be courses available that are a combination of online and actually going into the school--I seem to remember hearing about them at some point but have no idea where they are offered. Good luck!

Good to see a few others interested in a micro thread. Let's see if we can keep it going.


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I'm taking Microbiology (I'm on the quarter system), AND A/P 1, so I'm really scared of the course load - considering how heavily these courses are weighed when it comes to getting into a nursing program. Oh, and I have three little ones to watch over as well. I know there are many who have a more hectic schedule, but I've been a SAHM for over 7 years now, and I'm hoping that I'm ready for this!

Good luck to everyone!


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count me in! I start Jan 22nd


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hello all. i took micro in a mini-mester at our college and did it in 2 1/2 weeks. it was hard, very demanding, but interesting. i enjoyed it because it was very hands on in the lab. our college has online courses for micro, anatomy and other things. good luck to everyone taking micro. you all will do fine.


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Unfortunatly I took Micro this past semester and got a D. Now, I can not continue on to my last semester of nursing until I get a C, so this means next semester instead of finishing Nursing I will be back in Micro and can't finish nursing until Fall semester of next year. I am really upset about the whole situation. I would recommend getting it over with asap!


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...so this means next semester instead of finishing Nursing I will be back in Micro and can't finish nursing until Fall semester of next year. I am really upset about the whole situation. I would recommend getting it over with asap!

I'm so sorry you have to repeat. That must be devastating. You say you can't "finish nursing." Are you already in a nursing program? I only ask because at our school micro is basically a pre req. I think it is possible to leave it until you start the program, but I'd never heard of it being done that way (because the "points" a good grade earns would help get you into the program in the first place). Does your situation leave you where you aren't able to continue with your nursing class and clinicals until you pass micro? :o That's horrible. I wish you all the best for your retake of the course--it should be a breeze second time around.


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This will be my last semester of prerequisits, and it will include Micro. and Developmental Psy, as well as Literature. I look forward to starting Nursing courses in Fall 08.

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