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Microbiology help


i want to be a nurse but this subject is so hard for that i feel like crying. i even asked my teacher for help and he says go the book but the book was not even a requirement. i left feeling really bad but i decided im not going to give up. I was wondering if there were any study guide or websites i could go to and study. also if anyone has any information on how to study and what i can do to better in the class. at least to sum up what microbiology is about to start. please help me!!

I have not taken Micro yet, but I do have a Micro Made Easy book. I believe it's about $30 on Amazon and if you learn visually, it helps a lot. It has neat little images that help you remember the gram positive bacteria. You will need to figure out where you're stumbling and assess what you could do to help yourself. If the professor isn't helpful, does your school have science tutoring?

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Good day, astate2009:

Get the book for your class (even if it is optional). Seek a tutor, ask for specific help. I.e. what specific areas of microbiology are you having trouble (don't be vague in nursing).

Thank you.

I like that you are motivated. Having a voice recorder is something you should invest in if you haven't already. Your notes will be full of words and more words but detailed and not filled with gaps and you get to hear lecture twice. Study your notes same day you had class. Print out handouts and power points ahead of time and write notes directly on it. Read your book and stay relatively ahead. Don't get behind on the reading as you know a micro test could cover multiple chapters. If you are given study guides go through them and answer the questions as you read. Also try studying almost everyday or have a set amount of time for it. In my experience I don't find micro to be a very easy nor difficult class. Given that you are devoted to studying and put in your hard work you will do great. I felt like the test could sometimes be a little tricky because of the way some answers are worded. That's where details come into play and you decide if it makes sense or not. Something I noticed in class was few people finished the test early and some take up almost the whole time to turn in. Not 100% sure how the early birds fared (seemed like a race) but don't rush your exam and check your answers twice if you have time. Sometimes a second reading of a question gives you a different perspective.

Good luck in microbiology!;)

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Get the book. That is the most common sense answer. I don't know how it's not required. See if there is an ebook version you can download.

Let me get this straight; no required book? Where are you expected to learn the material from?

My Micro professor never used the book so I understand how you feel. That being said, he used PowerPoint presentations every class and those are what you needed to know to study. Is that how it is for you? If so see if you can get copies of the slides or if the prof can email them to you. Micro is tough but doable if you know what the professor uses as a reference for tests/quizzes. Don't give up!

I am positive that in order to pass the class you will need to read your book. I just started my micro class too and you have to read every chapter. Even if the book isn't required, you can't get by without it.

Hey, I took micro over the summer & had a mental breakdown at least three times. I'm not sure what micro book is required for your class but I have an eBook (Alcamo's Fundamentals of Microbiology 9th edition) that I can email you. I also have the microbiology quick study and review questions.


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If your professor gives you objectives, use those to guide your studying. Create a study guide using the objectives as a template. If the professor doesn't give you objectives, use the chapter objectives at the beginning of the chapter. I would end up with 20-30 page study guides for each exam, but simply making the study guide made me learn it well. I'd read it a couple more times before the exam. I got an A in micro. It was a good deal of work, but being organized made it easy once the work was done.

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I do a few things in order for me to feel more prepared for any class. Usually, professors have their lecture notes online, so I print them before class so I can jot down any extra valuable info he/she might say. Sometimes classmates will say, how or where did you get that?! Uh, my notes! Also, I record the lecture. This allows me to play back the lecture and catch something I missed. You might want to ask if it's allowed. My school also has a tutoring center which helped a lot for chemistry and micro. Definitely review that evening and ask questions! I wish you luck!