Who got their happy letters from WCCCD?

  1. I got my acceptance letter for the Spring 08 program at WCCCD! Yea me!!! Who else got theirs?
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  3. by   esp92
    I got mine this morning!!!! Yeah Me, too!!! Congrats!!!!
  4. by   Amanda8883
    I got mine this afternoon!!! YEAH!!! I am so excited!!!
  5. by   Justforus
    WHOOOHOOOO!!! I got mine!!! :hatparty::hatparty::hatparty::biere::biere:
  6. by   DAMomma
    CONGRATS!!!!! I remember that feeling....just one year ago for me. :spin:Time will fly!!!
  7. by   brandi110
    I got my acceptance letter from WCCCD today also, congratulations to everyone. Yeah :spin::spin::spin::spin:
  8. by   KJB_65
    Hey. Congratulations to all of you!!!!!!!
  9. by   missgigius
    Congrats!!! To all of you, keep up the good work!! Words of advice: Between semesters rest, get your homes well-organized, and spend time with your family. I am just almost at the end of my first semester of NS at WCCCD and time goes by so fast, whew.
    Congrats again!!!
  10. by   mistletoes
    i got my letter also. this is such an exciting time. i am so looking forward to starting the program. congratulations to all of you who received your letters. we have a lot of hard work ahead of us but it will be well worth the effort.
  11. by   Try2stopme
    Congrats to you all! I was wondering if it is true you can't have B's in science? Someone said this to me yesturday I can't elp but to think I need to take A&P over I have a 3.65 gpa in my pre-reqs please advise!
  12. by   brandi110
    Try2stopme you should be fine, a 3.65 is well above last semesters cut off of 3.4.:spin:
  13. by   finola
    Congrats to all of us!

    Try2stopme...I had a B in micro..so the rumor of not being able to have B's in the sciences is not true. Your GPA should be just fine.
  14. by   saskenn
    Hey there ladies, CONGRATS!!!! to you all!!!
    That's not true they look at the overall gpa, it helps to have good grades in science, because nursing is science based. HTH