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  1. ANN ARBOR - anybody from there? How is it working in that hospital?
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  3. by   bluesky
    I went to University of MI for my 1st undergrad degree and did some EMS calls to the hospital. I can't tell you too much about the hospital except it's your usual University based teaching institution with a pretty good reputation. Ann Arbor is a college town like Madison or Berkeley- not too much to do if you're not part of campus life. The winter is very long, cold and grey. I'm not quite sure how I made it for 4 yrs...
  4. by   ethelbsnrn
    Thanks for the info, bluesky. I am thinking of relocating. Ann Arbor is one of the options.

  5. by   suzanne4
    I worked agency there over a couple of years in various specialty units and loved it..........................
  6. by   rjflyn
    I am working at UM, it is unionized and one of the highest paid in the state. As a nurse there are lots of opportunites for growth from BSN to PhD. Also several classes of nurses Clinical Nurse 1 ie CN1 to CN4 which the CRNA's are. The web site is and the job link is Also check out the unions web site.

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  7. by   TDub
    I worked at UMMC for 16 years. I liked it, but it depended on the unit and the head nurse. We used to have a terrible problem with being mandated, but that's calmed down now.

    I have to disagree about nothing to do!! I came here in 1977 and never left. The town is full of great stuff: concerts, parks, music, Top of the Park, drama, good schools, athletics, politics, dogs, etc. Look up Big help.
  8. by   jlzoe
    If you are actually moving to Ann Arbor, be prepared for the high cost of living. Taxes on houses are outrageous (my co worker pays $5000 a year in taxes on her house!) And apts. are high too. I have lived here for 5 years and have worked at U of M hosp for the whole 5 years. I like U of M. I have also been a patient at U of M and I had a great experience (surgery and gave birth) My dad recently had heart surgery there and he didn't want to leave. The nurses were great!
    There is plenty to do if you dont get a freaken ticket on your car every time you park
  9. by   eborgelt
    What unit do all of the U of M nurses work on? I just started a month ago and work on 4A - Neurology/Neurosurgery/Otolaryngology.

  10. by   TDub
    Is Mary Hunter still the head nurse there? She's great!

    I worked on 6C, 6D and 4W-labour and delivery.
  11. by   pippigirl4
    Quote from eborgelt
    What unit do all of the U of M nurses work on? I just started a month ago and work on 4A - Neurology/Neurosurgery/Otolaryngology.

    Hey Elizabeth I have an interview with 4A- Neurosurgery coming up! I am a recent grad. How do you like the floor? Is it staffed well? How are the nurses treating you? Any information you can give me would be appreciated. I'm trying to decide between the VA in Ann Arbor or UofM on the Neuro floor
  12. by   eborgelt
    I love the floor. We have 32 beds whihc are usually all filled. We staff 2-3 aides each day who do baths, foleys, cathing patients, and answer call lights. I am an LPN and we usually have 1 per day who does oto patients with trachs is there are enough. If not, myself and one of the other LPNs are trained to take a normal RN assignment. We usually run 8 RNs on day and evening shift and 6 on night shift. Days take no more than 4 patients, usually having 3-4 patients. Evenings take the same load, and night shift take 5 patients, occassionally going up to 6 if we get any middle of the night admits.
    I love the unit!!!!!! Our nurse manager, Michelle, is great. She takes more of a hand off approach, which I like. She is available if you need her, but she doesn't really butt into too much of the day to day routine. Our clinical nurse specialist, Cinda, is great. She's all for advancement and training. Our 2 clinical nurse 3's, who run the day to day stuff and do orientations and staffing are so nice and take a staffing assignment occassionally when they need to. And all the staff is great! I have been there since June 14 and have been welcomed so nicely. I have formed enough friendships on the unit that I am attending a wedding for one of the RNs I work with alot and helping to plan a baby shower for one of our pregnant gals.
    A lot of us on the unit get a long great and get together with our spouses for dinner or a party occassionally.
    I drive from Toledo 5 days a week because I love it and couldn't imagine working anywhere else. If you have any other questions, just reply to this or email me at We love to have new people on the floor to welcome in.
    What shift are you interviewing for? The orientation is great. I felt very comfortable with everything by the end. When is your interview. You should stop by and say hi. I work every day except Wed and Thurs (class to finish my BSN) from 7a to 3:30p.
  13. by   dimpsogre
    Just wanted to say hi to all of you folks at UM. I didn’t go to school there, but my husband did and we lived in A^2 for a while. When we were dating, he lived right across from the Medical Center—the apt. building on the corner of Catherine St., which is across from Angelos & the parking structure connected to the Medical Center by the overhead pedestrian bridge. We live far away now, and both miss that city. It’s a great place to live.

    Go blue!
  14. by   KatrinaPM
    I'm a second career student at University of Michigan and I can't WAIT to graduate.

    I actually have swung around almost every unit at the hospital, but it was as an auditor for nursing administration. (What that means to those of you who don't know is that sometimes I dealt with not being greeted with a smile.:chuckle ) But I am not so bad. Anyway, I do know just from watching the nurses around which seem happy, comfortable and which appear overworked and stressed, but I still love to get some personal testimony about whether you love where you're at or not and what you would suggest to a new grad.

    I've been lucky to get the chance to work with a few nurses at the University for clinical and most of the experiences have been great. I've been so lucky.

    So, let me know what you all think of where you are!

    Thanks in advance!