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I'm a second career student at University of Michigan and I can't WAIT to graduate.

I actually have swung around almost every unit at the hospital, but it was as an auditor for nursing administration. (What that means to those of you who don't know is that sometimes I dealt with not being greeted with a smile.:chuckle ) But I am not so bad. Anyway, I do know just from watching the nurses around which seem happy, comfortable and which appear overworked and stressed, but I still love to get some personal testimony about whether you love where you're at or not and what you would suggest to a new grad.

I've been lucky to get the chance to work with a few nurses at the University for clinical and most of the experiences have been great. I've been so lucky.

So, let me know what you all think of where you are!

Thanks in advance!


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I am working at UM, it is unionized and one of the highest paid in the state. As a nurse there are lots of opportunites for growth from BSN to PhD. Also several classes of nurses Clinical Nurse 1 ie CN1 to CN4 which the CRNA's are. The web site is and the job link is Also check out the unions web site.


I have to disagree! We are not the highest paid even when you do add the retirement in. I love working at the U but, the pay sucks and is not even comparable to the cost of living!!!!!!!

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