Not sure what to do here... any advice??

  1. Hi everybody! I'm relocating to MI and I have about 1.5 years in neuroscience/neurosurg and I'm pretty sure I have a job offer coming to me at Providence ER. BUT, I currently work at a HUGE health system that's a Level 1 trauma center, etc., and I'm worried that if I take the ER job (which isn't even a Level 2 trauma center) that I won't be getting the experience that I really want to keep moving my career forward. I have multiple applications in with Henry Ford that are closer to what I want to do (neuro ICU, neuroscience, and ER) but they're just sitting there as "under review by hiring manager" which I assume is the unit director? I'm just not sure if I should take this ER job at Providence and risk getting called for another that I want more and that I feel will be a better fit for me based on my experience. Plus, I don't know much about either hospital system. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   mistydbuffa
    I am currently still going to school, however I do know that kindred hospital in Detroit is hiring. saini. grace is hiring, lpn Pontiac osteopathic hospital is hiring. university it lo hospital may be a good place to look. Beaumont is a good system. Henry Ford is a very good system too. st. John is good system and dmc ( Detroit medical center) is a.very very large system which includes cancer care. women's health. children's hospital. Detroit receiving. etc. check then out. I also know leaving one job for another because it is better can leave you feeling like less than am ideal employee but. with the high high out rate of nurses,.finding a.position you will actually truly enjoy is extremely important. for your own health and everyone around you too.
  4. by   CorazonDeOro
    I actually work at Henry Ford Hospital (although not in neuro or ER) and as far as I know we are under a system wide hiring freeze for all external applicants. This was just announced a week or two ago. This may explain the lack of response to your applications. I would take what you can get but keep applying in the mean time.

    Providence/St. John's system is pretty big though. I would apply for positions at their location in Detroit if you want a level 1 trauma type environment. Or work at the job you are offered for a while and then transfer. DMC/Detroit Receiving is also really good for trauma/ER.
  5. by   merner1012
    Thank you both for the replies, I really appreciate it! I'm assuming to hear about the job offer this coming week, but in the mean time I also interviewed at Providence Park for a neuro progressive care job (which is basically what I've been working in) and I feel the same about this job also- the recruiter called the next morning and said they're "very interested" and wanted to get the references checked asap. So now I'm stuck between working something that I know well at a new place (new hospital too) and opening the door to the ER (more "urban" according to the unit director). Oh how I love making hard decisions!!
  6. by   nrsang97
    Henry Ford Neuro ICU is hiring on Midinghts. I currently work at Henry Ford and they are hiring some external candidates in our unit still. I wish you the best. I don't know much about Providence Park or the Providence system. Good luck.
  7. by   SarahB84
    Merner where in michigan? what about ann arbor, u of m hospital? they are hiring.
  8. by   ZooMommyRN
    On the peds side of U of M which also maintains level 1 status I can say I saw way more fresh traumas at the little rural ER where we stabilized packaged them up, we get a lot of recycled where it's more of a keep an eye on them until the bed is ready, and not many tone outs for the main lately either, but I still really enjoy peds more than I thought I would, and work with some fabulous people.