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  1. CorazonDeOro

    When to Apply for a new grad job

    Depends on the hospital. Most of the facilities in my area will no longer look at you without your license, may be different in your state though.
  2. CorazonDeOro

    Waiting on ATT...

    I am waiting too! My state has a site where you can check to make sure they have all the paperwork, and my state DOES have it all set, so I am just waiting on Pearson I guess.
  3. CorazonDeOro

    Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    How long did it take everyone to get their ATT? My paperwork is all set through my state, so now I am just waiting on Pearson! I want to take it ASAP!
  4. CorazonDeOro

    2011 grads..jobs?

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Looks like my boss is going to have a job for me once I pass NCLEX. So relieved!
  5. CorazonDeOro

    Student Loans

    That happened to me with my parent's income. Until I turned 25 I had to use their income on my FAFSA even though they never paid a CENT for school. There was no way around it unless I had a child or was in the military or something. Complete crap, I'm sorry
  6. CorazonDeOro

    GN looking for an apartments in Royal Oak

    I would check out that first one the above poster linked to. Those same landlords showed me two places in RO recently and they are super nice and accommodating. I went with a flat in Ferndale though. Advice on flats from craigslist: SEE THEM QUICKLY! I missed out on like 6 places in two weeks that got leased too fast, its actually hard to find a good place right now, jump on the nice ones fast :)
  7. CorazonDeOro

    Student Loans

    I am not sure where you go or what kind of loan you are applying for, but sometimes you are approved for less if you are taking less credits. My nursing program was only considered 7-10 credits a semester (who knows why, since we had class more than that), and I was approved for less because it wasn't "full time." This was at community college. When I got my B.A. at WSU I never got approved for enough through FAFSA so I had to take out private loans.
  8. I am graduating from MCC on Thursday and let me put you at ease, you WILL have time for a life. Anyone who says you won't needs to learn some better time management skills. I have friends , I play a sport (and practice 2-3 nights a week), work an Extern job, and have a boyfriend and made it through the program with all A's. I took weekend vacations during school a few times as well. You just learn to bring your notes with you everywhere and study the most important stuff. You will be fine :)
  9. You start whenever the second 8 weeks of classes start at MCC. Check Macomb's website for that info. As for the rankings and start dates....when I started two years ago it was a little different because you could still start without having micro done...but anyway...at our orientation anyone who has a start preference was able to go up to the front and put their preference on the list..doesnt matter your rank. BUT the people who rank the highest will get their choice first. If the person who ranks 45 picks August and there is a spot in August they will get the choice before the person who ranked 46. Does that make sense? I know that my August start date included people who ranked anywhere from 1-50. To answer the question earlier, it wouldn't really cause anyone to get bumped back because if the person who ranked #1 wants to start in October, they just move someone from October who wants to start in August...since there would be an extra spot. It would not be hard for them to find a lot of peole from October who want to start in August. Something to consider about October starts: you finish the entire program EXCEPT the last 8 weeks before summer, so you have to come back after summer to finish one set of classes instead of just being done in May as an August start. This is the reason I choose August.
  10. CorazonDeOro

    2011 grads..jobs?

    Thanks for the input! I am crossing my fingers that my current hospital and manager will help me get a position, I guess I am lucky to work for one of the bigger systems in the area.
  11. CorazonDeOro

    2011 grads..jobs?

    How is the job market looking for all you new grads in the Detroit area? I graduate next week and have gotten nothing but rejections so far. I work at a Detroit hospital but they do not hire RNs without a license anymore, so I am not guarantee anything just yet and I am getting anxious. Just wanna see how it is going for recent grads....
  12. CorazonDeOro

    How is New RN Job market Looking?

    I hear good and bad, depending on who I ask. I have heard that all 30 or so graduates from my school's December 2010 class are now employed as RNs. But on the other hand out of the maybe 12 of those in my May 2011 graduating class who work in hospitals as techs, only 2 have been offered RN positions on their floors (the rest of us have been told that our unit has no positions). I thought working as an Extern for the past year would help me, but it hasn't. I am applying for RN jobs now but once I put that I do not yet have a license in the online forms, I am sure I get automatically excluded. Its frustrating.
  13. CorazonDeOro

    RN-BSN/MSN at Oakland University

    They would ask you for a copy of your transcripts and figure out which classes they count towards your nursing GPA and use those. All nursing classes at MCC start with NURS so it wouldn't be that hard for them. Most programs like this most likely have a copy of the community college curriculum. I am about to graduate from MCC And have been considering this program at OU, so if I go for it I will keep you posted. I hear Wayne has a better MSN program though so I might go for that.
  14. Agreed. I started as an NA (not certified, just in nursing school) and was trained to do EKGs and phlebotomy by the hospital during my orientation. I am an extern now and I still perform both of those things. I don't work in cardiac, nor does my hospital have "EKG techs". If an EKG is ordered the RN delegates the EKG to the NA/CNA. It isn't rocket science at all, and it is insulting that someone would day a CNA cannot "comprehend" how to perform one.
  15. CorazonDeOro

    Med Surg.

    Buy an NCLEX book. I recommend Saunders. There is a chapter in Saunders for each system and for each system's medications.