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  1. BA NFS W/ Minor, Two Associate Degrees, Still Not an RN

    I had this problem. I had a BA from WSU and did not want to pay another 20-30k for a nursing degree. I also found that it would take me longer to get into a BSN program (second degree). I went to Macomb, paid mostly out of pocket, got a job in a hosp...
  2. Henry Ford Downtown Detroit Orientation

    Yes and Yes!
  3. Tough decision and rough transition into healthcare industry

    I was hired as a nursing assistant after I was in nursing school, I did not have to get my CNA license. Some hospitals hire nursing students as PCTs (patient care techs) as well.
  4. I think it really depends on where you are from. In some states low 20s is the norm. I work in a GI clinic inside a large hospital and I make the same as inpatient RNs (but our department fought to keep the pay the same, while many other clinics insi...
  5. Tough decision and rough transition into healthcare industry

    I think your plan sounds pretty feasible. Don't let anyone tell you its "impossible" to get a nursing job with "only an associates." My ADN class all had RN jobs shortly after graduation and a lot of them had offers before graduation. I went to Macom...
  6. feeling burned out on bedside nursing

    I work Mon-Fri but some of the RNs I work with work 3 12s or 4 10's or part time.
  7. Is your Facility 'forcing' you to get the Flu Vaccine?

    Last year we had the mask option, this year that is not a choice. Its flu shot or fired (unless you have a documented religious or medical reason with some long form to fill out). Its ridiculous.
  8. feeling burned out on bedside nursing

    I had the same issues as you about a year after becoming an RN on an acute surgical floor (same floor I worked on while a student). I recently left acute care and went to Endoscopy. I work mon-fri (on call 1-2 weekend days a month). Stress level is m...
  9. Correctional Nursing

    I graduated with 2 people (ADN) program who both got correctional positions with no experience. This was just over a year ago.
  10. unsure what to do

    I was/am feeling the same way. I have been an RN on a surgical unit for just over a year (and an extern on the unit for a year before that). I am completely burnt out. I work 3 12's but my manager likes to make me work days with random 11a-11p shifts...
  11. Patient assignments - Are nurses assigned to empty beds

    We have a pod set up, you get assigned 5 or 6 consecutive rooms (acuity doesn't matter but they will try to split up contact isolation and trach rooms). Sometimes empty beds are part of your 5 or 6 sometimes they are not, based on staffing. We are su...
  12. Floating?

    Depends on your hospital's policy. Per my hospital you must be in float rotation after 90 days (post-orientation). If you refuse you get written up. Its not that bad once you get over the first time. Sometimes I have a way better assignment on the ot...
  13. Considering going into GI nursing

    I actually got offered the position today. It is admit/recovery and procedure (including inpatient and outpatient). It includes all procedures (ERCP, EUS, liver biopsy, manometry, etc). The way it works is that inpatients come to a separate floor/end...
  14. Internal transfer

    Has anyone transferred internally at their place of employment? I have worked on a surgical floor at a great hospital for 2 years (1 as a tech 1 as an RN). After 12 months in your current position you are allowed to apply for internal jobs. I applied...
  15. Just had my first interview...

    I thinking asking for a tour or to shadow an RN would be appropriate but I would NOT ask to be a CNA on the floor. You are being offered an RN position and if you ask to work CNA duties it will look like you are unsure of yourself as an RN. Its norma...