Anyone applying to Madonna University

  1. Just wondering, I am a Madonna student and I haven't found anyone else on here from my school. :redpinkhe
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  3. by   MelBell2005
    Hi! I was looking at the nursing program at Madonna University as well. I applied there too and hopefully will get into the pre-nursing part. Just waiting to hear a decision once my transcripts are reviewed and figure out what other pre-requisites I will need for their program. I just wonder how hard it is to get into the actually nursing program.
  4. by   OB-nurse2013
    well ive there since last fall and i actually love it, its the best school ive attended. its not too hard to get into the program iv eheard but i can tell u better in a few if i get in or not lol..but many of my friends just started spring and ive heard of more people getting in then not. also they do to ns start ups a year fall and winter so u can apply twqice its not such a big deal, also its a shorter program so if u do have to wait a lil bit its not a big deal. if u have any questions on professors or anything let me know i can put some good recomendations and i actually have not had a professor yet that i havent liked
  5. by   MelBell2005
    I hope I get in to the school at least. I know I will have to take medical ethics and WL 2102 class. Do you know if I have to take more pre-requisites at Madonna, will they just use my madonna GPA to determine if i get into the upper division nursing classes? I couldn't find the actual criteria they use to determine who gets into the nursing program, however, I did see the pre-requisites listed. It will be interesting to see what classes of mine will transfer. Thanks for offering to answer any questions for me!
  6. by   OB-nurse2013
    The wl 2100 is so easy and med etics actually isnt a pre-req u can take while ur in the nursing classes. most people take it b4 but u dont have to. path is what im in now and its probably the hardest class ive taken there but very interesting and ive been learning a lot. can i ask where ur transferring from, just cause i did too..the upper division criteria is ur madonna gpa, teas score and ur letter of intent. you also have to a writing assessment which was very easy and u can apply before ur pre-reqs are done u just have to state in your letter how u plan to complete them before ur first nursing semester starts taht ur applying for. well i can say i like it so much there that if i dont get in the 1st or 2nd time i still plan to complete a degree there because i like it that much
  7. by   MelBell2005
    Thanks for that information! Yeah pathophysiology is challenging! I took it at Washtenaw Community College. I actually got a B.A. in pyschology from Oakland University several years ago. A couple of years ago I decided I wanted a career change and decided to start taking nursin pre-requisites, therefore, I ended up taking a bunch of them a different community colleges like WCC and Schoolcraft college. The classes filled up quick that is one reason why I took them at different schools plus I tried to pick the community college where the class would be most transferrable.
  8. by   MsAshley
    Iluvpatho I saw that you mentioned that you are able to apply for the nursing program even if you haven't completed all the nursing pre reqs as long as you explain how you intend to do so. Is that with getting into the prenursing portion or the actual program? Also are you able to do this if you aren't a current madonna student? I currently switch between wc3 and hfcc but am looking to start applying to programs and madonna was one that peaked my interest as well. Look forward to talking with u and thanks for any additional info you can share!
  9. by   MelBell2005
    I just looked on line and that is what I read that you had to get accepted as a pre-nursing student first, but on the application you had to specify nursing as the intended major and have transcripts sent to Madonna. I also heard that you do have to establish a GPA at Madonna in order to apply to the actual nursing program. I don't have any of the details yet, but a person from admissions said they would contact me once everything is processed.
  10. by   Bobbkat
    Good luck everyone! I'm a recent Madonna grad, and I feel very, very prepared by the school. I loved the nursing program. It was a second degree for me, and I enjoyed my time at Madonna much more than the university I attended for my first degree.

    I can't give much advice on entry into the program, as it has changed since I was admitted. In fact, I think that the entire program was restructured since my graduation, but I'm not completely sure on that.

    The instructors were tough, but I felt that everything was very fair. They are all pretty up front that you need to dedicate yourself to your school work, and that if you get into trouble with a subject they are eager to help you (just ask before it is too late in the semester). If you hold up your end of the bargain by applying yourself, they will deliver by giving you a great education. Of program is perfect, and I certainly had my share of griping about things while I was in school, but overall I was pleased with the school.
  11. by   OB-nurse2013
    Thats great to hear! I've been there sine fall 2009 and I really like it. My counsler was so nice she actually lent me her own copy of a study guide that goes with my patho book, and just asked me to return it when I'm done with the semester. I'm a transfer student and I've never been treated that way ata school before so they have definately won me over I won't find out if I make it in for the upper division until August or Sept. but I'm hopeful
  12. by   IbinNemer
    Glad to see more Madonna students on here! I also just applied to the upper division. Got everything completed and turned in except for 2 classes which are patho and micro. I am planning on taking them both in the fall. So I am going to have no life during that semester. haha but idc as long as I get in as all that matters. Anyways good luck everyone! As a transfer, I really think Madonna is a great school!!!
  13. by   OB-nurse2013
    I love it there too! I just applied myself, and am completeing patho right now and ouch...... is all i can say.. If don't mind me asking do you know what our chances are? When did you start? Do you know what they expect for your GPA and TEAS score?
  14. by   IbinNemer
    I started last fall. To best honest with you it all depends on your GPA, teas score, and how long you have been at madonna or how many semester hours you have taken. But ihearing from many sources, it is quite easy to get in but not as easy as other nursing schools since Madonna is well known. But hopefully we get in soon cause I am sick of waiting lol and thanks for the patho support.