Accelerated BSN Programs - WSU, OU, UofD, EMU

  1. i was wondering if anyone has attended any of the accelerated bsn programs i have listed below. i will be applying to each program to start in either may 2008 or september 2008 (depending on the programs start date), but i will have all of my pre-requisite's completed in december 2007.

    wayne state university - 16 months (fall start)
    oakland university - 12 months (may start)
    university of detroit mercy - 12 months (may start)
    eastern michigan university - 16 months (brand new program, not sure of details)

    there are pros/cons to each program for my situation. my first choice is wayne state university, but i am not sure if i should be unemployed for 16 months (rather than 12 months), and i would rather start a nursing program in may, rather than wait until september. i went to the accelerated bsn informational session and i really think the program would be a good fit. second choice is oakland university because of the may start date and the shorter duration of the program; however, i have heard that wayne state's program is much better organized than ou's. is this correct? u of d would be at the bottom of the list simply because of the cost of going to a private university. i am not sure about emu because of how new the program is - they just received accreditation to start an accelerated bsn program.

    sorry to ramble on, but i just wanted everyone's opinions on each of the programs i listed above. thank you!
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  3. by   spacedoubt
    OU has a long wait list for the accelerated program. I went to their meeting last year and they told me the wait list for the accelerated program was till 2009 and you have to have your BS in order to be in the program. My question to them was if I already have my BS why and what would i do till 2009 to get into the program and they told me that they didn't know they are just overflowing with requests for the program.
  4. by   logique
    good to know! thank you for the information. i know that wsu doesn't have a waiting list...they start from scratch every year. i guess that will be my best bet!
  5. by   suzanne4
    WSU has the best ranked program of all of those listed and has had it for some time. The decision that many make is based on where the clinicals will be and where they are living. You also need to add in commute times.
  6. by   logique
    I am right in the middle of all of the programs (right off I-75) except EMU (my last choice).

    Hopefully my science GPA will be high enough for Wayne State!!
  7. by   RN BSN 2009
    I think WSU is really hard to get into! Last time I checked you had to have a 3.8 in pre-req's to get in?

    EMU isn't a walk in the park either... I am in this program, the unaccelerated BSN, I am an above average student, taking no other general ed's with it, have no job and no kids and I still feel overwhelmed. I'd be pulling my hair out if I did accellerated BSN. Excuse the poor spelling, I just took my fundamentals final tonight
  8. by   logique
    I went to the Wayne State informational meeting, and the person speaking said the average pre-req GPA was 3.6-ish. I think 800 people applied, 120 fit the pre-req requirements and then 80 of those 120 got into the program.
  9. by   2ndbach
    The information posted regarding the OU program is not correct. If it were, I would not be half way through it by now, I would be on a wait list. It is my understanding that the wait is for the traditional program, not accelerated 2nd degree. I also attended Wayne for some pre-reqs, and the GPA there is high, slightly higher than OU was at the time that I was applying. Both are good schools, and clinicals at accelerated programs in general can be disorganised due to the tight time constraints. As for the "ranking" of Wayne- I am not sure what that is or where it came from, but I always consider who ranks a program and why. US News and World Report has ranked nursing programs every year, but what effect does that have on the quality of the education on a daily basis? I would rely more on NCLEX pass rates than anything else. That is, afterall why you are there and is often ignored when selecting a program. They owe you that! Good luck, and remember that regardless of where you go your experience is what you make of it. Good luck!
  10. by   ontocrna
    Anyone have info on EMU's 2nd bachelor's program? First I've ever heard of them having one...when does it start, deadlines for apps., competitive GPA for entrance, worth my time or not???
  11. by   logique
    I am happy to hear Oakland U doesn't take the "wait list" route for their accelerated program!

    And, about EMU's program, there isn't a lot of info on their website, as the program is brand new, but they are having informational meetings - but all are past due. Hopefully some new dates will be posted for 2007. School of Nursing
  12. by   NightOwl0624
    About EMU's new program, I went to the information meeting a few weeks ago. In a nutshell, this is a new program for accelerated bsn degree and they are admitting for the fall of 2007. Applications are due May 15. They are only admitting 32 students based solely on GPA. They will compute the GPA on 8 pre-req classes: English comp, any math class, organic & biochem, intro to psych, intro to sociology or anthropology, developmental psych, and Anatomy & Phys 1 and 2.

    They really want you to come to the meetings to get the information.

    It is a brand new program, and it seemed rather disorganized to me.
  13. by   rntoben2008
    I actually attended EMU for one semester, did some of their required pre req's and hated this school. The nursing department was confusing, there were no info meetings for the traditional program. You couldn't find anyone to ask a question to, as a matter of fact. You never really could get a question answered, if you had one to ask. I am an older student and this school has a lot of youngsters in it. I went back to my community college I had previously been attending and am a nursing student there. I will finish my BSN up probably at WSU. Good luck whatever you decide.
  14. by   07302003
    I attended WSU and was happy with the experience. There were many top notch, excellent professors and clinical instructors (just a few duds). The clinical sites were excellent (Detroit Receiving, Henry Ford, Beaumont, Providence, Oakwood, Sinai Grace, Hutzel, Harper, Childrens, St. Johns). Wayne has a 98% or 99% pass rate on the NCLEX which is important.
    The downside is that you have to deal with Wayne's insane bureaucracy. Your experience is kind of impersonal and can be slightly disorganized. But the price was right, the location was right, and it got me where I wanted to be in the end.