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men's scrubs


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having hard time finding men's scrub tops. 5'11" 240 gym rat. any ideas?


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Aviator Scrubs are by far the best. They are an investment but they will last FOREVER. I reccomend getting EXACTLY the pockets you want (they can be made custom) and then they will be yours for 20 years. I use their scrub tops and then 511 or la police gear tactical pants.

Check out MurseWorld.com...they are the only nursing catalog for scrubs especially designed for men and they have American Assembly for Men in Nursing items as well!

I would tell you to go with Carhartt or Dickies scrubs for men for affordable and well-made scrubs. The Carhartt scrubs are known more for their durability, while the Dickies are well-priced.

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I'll second the Aviator Scrubs recommendation. I'm 6'2" and 210 lbs and Aviator's custom length option for tops is the only way for me to buy scrubs that don't show my belly button. Everything else, even those that claim to be specifically for men such as Carhartt, are way too short.

My wife custom makes most of my tops. I have John Deere tractors, wildlife, and even holiday tops . I don't do scrub pants. I wear Dickies 874 originals exclusively they have about 10 colors in the catalog. That is all I have ever worn.

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Hockey jerseys/sweaters work too. Plus they have a fight strap you can tie down for the times a pt wants "to go". I'll be sportin' my Rangers jersey starting next week. May only get to wear it for 4 days, but hey, we made the playoffs.


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Ill have to check out aviators, Im 6'6". I rock the long scrub tops like belly shirts. Definitely need something custom. Right now I like the 5.11 pants and the longest scrub top I can find.

I'm a similar build and personally like Cherokee's scrubs.

After reading about them on AllNurses over and over again I finally bought some Aviator scrubs. I guess I like the material and quality but the default pocket options don't work at all for me. I lost my stethoscope ear buds by keeping it in the thigh pockets, and it was constantly catching wires when I had it in there. I know you can get them with custom pocket options but it really ups the cost.

I've found 3 brands I really like though. Cherokee, Uniform Advantage, and Landau. The Landau are my favorite, specifically the "for men" line they have which has a fly in the pants.

My ideal scrubs have roomy pockets on the stomach.


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I'm 6'6" and thin. Are there any tall men (I mean 6'5" or up tall) who have had any luck finding custom tops or bottoms for tall men that AREN'T made so wide that you are swimming in fabric? Those Aviator scrubs look fantastic, but their sizes were way off for a man as tall as me.

They do make make scrubs for tall men. I make scrubs for the male nursing friends I have. We find they are good conversation starters for patients. One friend had one with license plates on it and he ended up wearing it out. Very popular. He was a fairly large guy and I was able to put pockets right where he needed them.

Just keep looking and asking companies for them. More and more they are appearing.

I'm 6'8" and the aviators fit me great... I get them custom length and custom pants..

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Yup, I love my Cherokee scrubs. Even my nursing uniform is Cherokee haha. The fabric they is fine and smooth which I like. It's a little on the expensive side, we to me it is haha. They fit pretty snug skinny or buff, tall or small (I'm only 5'4 and I wouldn't consider myself buff, but I fit fine in XS/S)