Which would you recommend?

  1. Which kind of shoes would you recommend for myself? A new grad, will be working in critical care with a ratio of 1:3. I am 6'2" and weight 370lbs; decreasing that number has been a goal and work in progress so far. During my 12 hr shifts, I would at times get home and after cooling down my right plantar area would hurt when walking inittially {plantar fasciatis?} and also at times my knees. I understand the weight is a huge contributor and thats why I am working to lose it.. Meanwhile, I need some shoes that you guys on the heavy side my be able to recommend?

    Thanks ina dvance Guys.
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  3. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    I would check out Dansko professional clogs for men.

    The Dansko Professional (Men) from the Stapled Clog collection. (though it doesn't have to be black oiled).

    Thank you.
  4. by   CrazierThanYou
    Alegria. I also have plantar faciitis in my right foot and Alegrias are great shoes!

    Danskos made my foot hurt literally after a few seconds.
  5. by   CrazierThanYou
    Oops just noticed you are a guy. I'm not sure there are any Alegrias for men.
  6. by   BloomNurseRN
    I'm a big fan of Danskos but each and every person needs to find just the right shoe for them. There are MANY styles of Danskos that are not the Professional and may work well for you. I don't know anything about Alegrias but I did check out their site and they do carry shoes for men. Also, I know people that swear by Klogs. If you have a Walking Company store near by I would highly recommend going in and just trying some on and walking around the store to see how they feel. Obviously that's not going to tell you what it's going to feel like after a 12-hour shift but if they aren't comfortable in the store, they're not going to be comfortable on the floor. Good luck!
  7. by   SlumberingCub
    I've got plantar faciitis as well, and I just bought some Danskos a few months ago, and I absolutely recommend them. They are very supportive, and they have never hurt my feet. They have wide sizes as well as regular. And the patterns are fabulous. I have been told that they last forever as well. Before Danskos I was going through sneakers every 6 months and my feet would hurt by the end of the night. The only complaint I have is sometimes I step wrong and twist my ankles with them. But overall, I have had good experiences with them.
  8. by   WoundedBird
    I would second the poster that said to check out the walking company. Dansko has a line called XP that has removable inserts that help to create a more custom fit. I have the inserts with a metarsal 'pad' built in when I mentioned issues I've had with my feet in the past. Also, no matter where you go to find shoes, go after being on your feet for a bit because of the natural swelling that happen throughout the day so you're not ending up with shoes that are too tight / small and cause additional pain.
  9. by   Orca
    Some well constructed athletic shoes will do the trick as well. I need a wide width in a shoe, and New Balance makes some very good ones in wide widths at less-than-horrible prices. Sometimes it can be a trick to find a color that goes with scrubs or a uniform, but I can usually find at least one style in solid black or white. I wore New Balance 608s for a long time, not sure whether that model is still made, but there should be one very similar if it isn't. Like you, I am of the heavier persuasion, and they provided good support.

    I made the mistake of buying cheap shoes once, and I wound up with plantar fasciitis - not a lot of fun.
  10. by   canewton316
    Hello Eddie I am a retired LPN who used to work ICU PCU. And I share with you the problem of being to short for my weight. I have been wearing New Balances for years and the model 608s are great shoes one recomindation is to get two pairs and alternate between them your feet will thank you
  11. by   Mr.FutureDNP23
    can't go wrong with a pair of NB 608s or ASICS.
  12. by   Dmccollum
    Recently had the same trouble @ 6'3" 320lbs, bought a pair of Danskos and haven't looked back. No trouble here and can stand all day without much trouble.
  13. by   EMEddie
    Thanks for the great advice guys! I will be looking at shoes this weeknd and update you on what was decided.