Tired of Nursing??

  1. Hey Guys.

    I need some advise. I have been a nurse for 2 years. I started off in telemetry, and have been in the ED for about 8 months. I know a lot of ya'll would think that I am still a rookie at this, and of course there are times when i feel that way, but I am just loosing interest in this career. I found myself the other day looking on the internet for a position in nursing that doesn't involve taking care of people lol. I really am getting tired of caring, even though I feel bad admitting it on here. I like fixing people, and making a difference. I do not like, excuse my attitude, kissing someone's butt for hours at a time.

    I feel like I walk into my assigned rooms, and it goes something like this,

    RM 1: "Grandmaw needs to pee!!"
    RM 2: "I am cold, I need more blankets!!"
    RM 3: "Grandpaw's finger is shaking!!
    and so on...

    I find myself interested in switching to paramedic, but the pay cut seems painful. In reality I am very nice to my patients and get complimented often on my positive attitude, but at times...although it doesnt show..I think I would just like to roll some of these people off of the ER ramp.

    Anyway, I guess my rant is over. What should I do? Does anyone ever feel like this? Even a little? Thanks for any responses, will check back soon.
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  3. by   christinaalomar

    I think if it is no longer a passion for you and the caring is disapating then it is time to move on maybee try to get an administrative positon at a home health job or back to school to get an administrative position or if it is the field of paramedics then that it is. Because if the caring is gone then it will just get worse.
  4. by   Argo
    go work in a real trauma hospital.....

    find a fire department that employees nurses in their crews.....

    try OR nursing, I do it and the patients are asleep 99% of your time with them....

    go into flight nursing.......
  5. by   gcupid
    I can relate...What I hate most is when you can't even finish getting report and the request starts to come....Dr. so & so needs this, pt in room so & so needs that, pharmacys on the phone about pt so&so for....

    In my head I'm saying... "Lord have mercy!!! Can I please just get my foot out of the elevator first...."

    Then I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and remind myself that this is only temporary...

    You know what you have to do. Dust off that resume & start looking in areas of nursing that aren't so demanding...
  6. by   Rhubarb
    I've been in ER for twenty five years and I find the nurse's backstabbing nurse's that kills nursing for me; and don't call it quality improvement! The job is heavy enough. Just remember to breathe.
  7. by   barcode120x
    Don't quit! Sounds like where you are is a little "boring"? Like someone stated earlier, move to a trauma center. Try out ICU or CCU. Maybe moving to a new location/hospital might help.

    If not, change nursing areas. Do administration, education, you can do research as far as a I know (EBP stuff haha). Go back to school and find something you're passionate in, but try to keep your job as a side job, maybe like a per diem.
  8. by   Krispy Kritter
    I totally get this. I want my badge to say I am a nurse, not a miracle worker - I can not fix in 12 hours what took you 20 or 30 years to break. I am not a servant, I don't mind fetching drinks, changing bed linens and making calls for you; but, I do have to prioritize my time. I can't make you feel better if you don't want to feel better. I am not a doctor; I don't have control over your doctors, can't predict the time they will come to see you, I can not prescribe medications and your doctor does not answer to me. Most of all - I am not your punching bag - If you are sad, mad, grieving, scared or whatever I can help, I can listen, and I will do whatever I can to comfort you; but, I will not tolerate your abuse.
  9. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    If you feel this way about nursing, do not even think about going to be a paramedic. I got off the ambulance and into nursing because I was tired of the way I was treated. Much less pay, same patients (but for a shorter time) and dealing with patients and their families in their home can get way crazier than in the ER. Not to mention the hours (most EMS are 24 hour shifts) and working conditions. Rain or shine, sleet, snow, cold, heat, inside or outside, your doing it. I do not miss kneeling on black asphalt when it is 110°+ outside and the asphalt sticks to your pants, nor the standing in the rain when it is 30° outside or having to extricate someone from an upside down car in the ditch full of near freezing water. I also don't miss having to run out of a house because someone pulls a gun on you or waiting for the cops to come so you can go help someone.
  10. by   RNator
    This post resonates with me. I've been in ER for maybe 3 years. I have found myself thinking to myself on the drive to work "now don't say anything negative today, just take care of people yada yada..." Only to find that 30 minutes into the shift I've already lost hope in humanity again!! ...lol. Seriously, somethings need to change, but I need to change what I can and leave the stuff I cannot. I am doing exactly what someone else suggested, taking an ER position at a Lvl 1 Trauma ER. If that doesn't help, I'm thinking Hospice, Travel...something with real sick people or travel and see the States while I practice Nursing.
    Oh, and "Grandpaws finger is shaking" cracked me up!! Thanks for the laugh!!
  11. by   CMartRN
    You're definitely preaching to the choir. I found myself in the same situation. I ended up going back to school and now work in management. The cool thing about nursing is that as nurse we can easily move from one position to another without always having to get additional education or training. Like some of the previous posters mentioned, I'd update your resume and start looking at other options (OR/perioperative, home health, outpatient, even pharmaceutical/medical supplies rep) lots of opportunities out there.
  12. by   Libby1987
    Please do not recommend burnt out new nurses go into home health administration or education.
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  13. by   Accolay
    I'd say you're either burned out or bored. Everyone thinks like that sometimes. Either way it's probably time for new job.

    Consider this perspective: you're getting paid to give someone a blanket. That's not too bad as jobs go. Hey, if it was fun they wouldn't pay you.
  14. by   Pat_Pat RN
    Someone else suggested, try looking into flight nurse.

    I understand where you are coming from. Many days I feel like, "I just can't do this anymore."
    I get bored easily. Right now I'd like to build rustic wood furniture. lol!
    Or raise free range chickens...