I need some really-wide-shoe ideas!

  1. I am starting in a new unit and need some good, comfortable, but wide (4E) shoes. Anyone have ideas? I'm leaning toward New Balance; they normally have wider shoes. I have been wearing Dr. Scholl's wide shoes but there is no grip to the floor and with the salt on the floors, it's like walking in oil! :-)

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  3. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    I got a pair of SAS shoes a few months ago. At first I was not real happy with them, I still had foot pain (planters fasciitis) and back pain at the end of the day. After wearing them for about a month I realized that at the end of the day my foot felt fine and I rarely had back pain (still do on really busy days).
    They are expensive (around $190) but well worth it IMO. They do have larger sizes, may have to order online if no store nearby.
  4. by   Mossback
    Several styles of New Balance walking shoes are available in widths up to 6E. I have extremely wide feet and have worn the 928 style for a number of year. The soles are fairly grippy and seem to wear well. The 928s are available in black or white leather, so they can go with most colors of scrubs.

    The only downside of the New Balance shoes is that they're not cheap. I pay about $130 a pair for the 928s.

    Best of luck in your shoe hunt!
  5. by   rbramski
    I get the New Balance 928's because the have a 12 4E. You can get all leather or leather/mesh. They are pricey but they are the only shoes I find comfortable for 12hr shifts
  6. by   FineAgain
    Skechers come in wide and I have found them to be really roomy. I have square feet and feel your pain!
  7. by   MurseCumberbatch2b
    Wide Shoes | Zappos.com FREE Shipping

    On the left see "3e and up". Seemed to be quite a few.
  8. by   red2003xlt
    I've got the Sketchers Memory Foam Shoes. Wide foot as well 4E.

    I won't buy them again.
  9. by   HopeThruFaith
    Timberland Renovas come in wide sizes and are comfy.

    Future RN
  10. by   DavidKorn
    I have been wearing New Balance 4E for 16 years now, I am very happy with them
  11. by   malamud69
    New Balance
  12. by   chiromed0
    Doc Martins. Wide toebox.
  13. by   CamillusRN
    I'd be lost without my Blauer Clash Tactical boots - work great on the ER floor and in the gut bucket. No sneakers for this nurse! Easy to clean after a messy trauma and plenty of padding on the sole - they're lace-less too which prevents me from having to tighten or re-tie every so often (Boa cable system). Kinda pricey, but I'll never go back!