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I just got licensed as an lpn and finding it difficult to find a Job. I've been to three ltc facilities and they all tell me they want one years experience. I posted my resume on a couple of job... Read More

  1. by   SuesquatchRN
    Medsport, I would certainly not take a f/t third shift job that paid so badly that I'd have to keep working in a factory.

    Hold out for the next interview. Better days are coming.

  2. by   Medsport
    Hey Suesquatch, It doesn't really pay that badly. It would cover my bills right now. But with all my debts from working part-time this past year and my school loan coming up due in a few months, I was planning on working a few hours a week (maybe 5-10) in the factory to start paying down some bills. It would be great if I could find one like my newly ex-girlfriend found that pays about $3 more an hour. But as it is, today I went to a different LTC facility to pick up an application and the DON offered me a job on the spot before I even filled it out. But it was only PT and pays about $1 less an hour than the other place. She said I could start orienting next week and maybe it could lead to FT. I tried calling the first place back, but the DON was'nt there today, so I might as well wait until after my interview on Tuesday to call if it does'nt sound much better. I also have my app. in another place close to home in which I did some clinical at, but they have to wait and see if anyone in house applies first. My sis says they are all pretty much the same and just take the closest one to home that pays decent...
  3. by   ptla1725
    have you looked into travel nursing for lpn positions?
  4. by   Medsport
    Yeah, but they want you to have at least a year's experience.
  5. by   ptla1725
    Quote from hope2bpn
    I just got licensed as an lpn and finding it difficult to find a Job. I've been to three ltc facilities and they all tell me they want one years experience. I posted my resume on a couple of job sites and all I get are requests to do flu shots or the military. Currently im working as a recreation aide and applied where I work and Im getting the run around, and now I'm not sure now that I want to work there. I just feel Im not wanted there.

    I don't see many ads in the paper for lpns and I'm real worried now. I'm older and in my 40s and wonder if there is age discrimination, plus being male. I'm starting to feel depressed cause all I hear about is the nursing shortage but no one is hiring.

    need some advice
    come to Indiana. our LTC's are begging for nurses-RNS and LPNs
  6. by   Larry77
    Quote from Medsport
    My sis says they are all pretty much the same and just take the closest one to home that pays decent...
    Yikes...I disagree, there is a huge discrepancy in facilities in my experience. I would definitely ask around or go where you know is a descent place. I worked at one place that I had to call the cops on two different nurses...one came to work high on what appeared to be meth and the other had a fist fight with her drunk husband in the hall.

    If you ask around you will find out that some facilities are constantly in trouble with the state--you want to stay away from those if you cherish your license.
  7. by   SteveNNP
    Check our CareOne at King James in Navesink, NJ.... I worked there as a CNA, and they were always hiring LPNs. It was a pretty decent place to work, paid their CNAs well, and just underwent a HUGE remodeling. Also Riverview Medical Center has a few off-site LTC facilities in Red Bank... Check out their employment site at www.meridianhealth.com

    I would definitely hold out until a safer, better paying job comes up. Any DON that hires you before she sees even a resume is desperate for nurses for probably the wrong reasons.
  8. by   mark_wc
    hi idont know if you have found a job already but i know a couple. i dont know exactly where you are in ca but try sunbridge; they are hiring lvn's at their psych facilities. pay is about 18-19hr; they have OT pay. check out the website and look for thier facility at laurel park, they will soon have an opening. there are tons of LTC's in my area (orange county) that pay good starting salaries for new grads(avrg 20-22hr)...hope this helps
  9. by   gt4everpn
    huh!!(sigh), i was so there a couple of months ago, it took me like 6 months to find a job, everyone wanted experience! and plus i was 18 at the time so i wondered about age discrimination, i even had a nurse recruiter ask me if i was mature enough, like hello!! i went to nrsg school and passed my boards, that has maturity written all over it! your age is no factor at all, you have an average age of most nurses! i was so depressed when i couldnt find a job and when i did it was a horrible experience, probably because of my tender age! (sigh), you have to be very persistent even now when things seem end of line and without hope keep pushin and one of those doors will break open to you, i had to be persistent for 6 months while my license was just sitting there aging! i found something about 3 months ago and i love the facility, i kinda was worth the pain and the wait, thedoor will bust open soon and the opportunity will just beam at you! good luck!
  10. by   SuesquatchRN
    So how youse guys doin'?
  11. by   softstorms
    If you read articles about the nursing shortage, you will find they mostly talk about R.N.s I think most of your problem is that you are a new nurse. Almost all places will want a years experience. Your second problem is that you are male (so sorry about that) but it is a real problem. Most LPN's face that one year thing, but we don't have to face the challenge you do. Please do not stop. LTC is not always the best place to start, but it will give you a foot in the door. You can go anywhere from there. Good Luck
  12. by   Durable
    Hi Guys, Well I'm in the same boat. Just got my license, it's been a long rough road. I'm a registered nurse with a BSN - I'm broke and in debt and I can't find a job. I'm in New York City and you have to be perfect and made out of gold to get into a residency program to get the first year's experience. The hospitals are packed with new nurse grads it seems. I'm 50 years old and fit - I'm mature but not an old lady - but the hiring managers barely acknowledge that I'm there. The candidates who get in are young and cute and I am so worried I feel sick. I've only been looking for 2 weeks but it just looks bad out there. So far I've been to a few open houses - have an interview at a home care agency - not much going on out there at all - I'm shocked - this is not what they told us to expect while I was in school. If I have to I'll move out of state but I am really annoyed after struggling to get through school and putting up with a lot for 5 years (part of that spent working full time while in school) I did not expect to feel so out in the cold. If anyone is hanging around give a shout out. Thanks for listening to me babble. - Durable.
  13. by   cincinnaticj7
    Well I hope that 'new grad' cases will not be as bad as I have heard when I graduate. But I wish good luck to you all and I hope you will find your career soon, and I wish you all luck in your future endeavors.