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Guys- Just wondering why you decided to become a nurse? I just read a posting on the homepage by a male that said something along the lines of our hospital usually starts new grads off at $20/hour... Read More

  1. by   MassED
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    hey guys, can anyone introduce me with your nurse friend?...
    ha ha ha that's funny --- I'm sure someone will be and respond to you....
  2. by   november17
    Because I wanted a flexible career. Because I got laid off a lot from construction work. Because body fluids don't bother me. Because I think drugs are cool. Because I enjoy being a teacher...I could go on and on and on. The pay isn't that great in the long run, honestly. Steady work is a nice thing though.
  3. by   Thunderwolf
    Lots of prior influences...but it was my stint in the Army that really kicked my butt into gear to really pursue it.
  4. by   7daysatsea
    More specific in my introductory post to the forums -

    But, I was a Psychology student; took a job as a personal care aide (i.e., sitter) in a psychiatric unit and observed nurses. I felt like they were being more helpful, in a basic way, than what I was training to do by shrinking their minds.

    I think it's a curious field that has to appeal to you on a personal level outside of pay. I like that appeal to it and it seems to be the best decision for my personality and interests whereas other fields didn't hold my interest as long as this. I like that it's an ever growing field, changing. I like the opportunities and advancements. I like learning about the body, etc. I like doing things that matter even if they aren't appreciated by everyone.

    So many reasons really.

    And then the pay is a bonus.
  5. by   2dCareer
    For me, it was a spiritual decision.

    I wanted to go to law school, sat for the LSAT, did well, had friends in the governor's office and other high places who wrote well of me, blah, blah, blah...

    Then I spent some time with my parents, and at the time, news all over was talking about Nurses throughout the nation whom had converged on D.C. urging legislators to do something to prevent a Nursing Shortage crisis. It was as if the Almighty was saying, "Hello!?" to me.

    So I made a phone call to the little community college where I had earned my A.S. and spoke with the RN program director about my desire and potential admission. She urged me (because of my previous B.S. & Master's level work in another field) to attend a nearby university saying that I could spend the same about of time at the CC or at the U and get a BSN v ADN. She said further that I should build on the foundation which I had already laid, and if I wanted to go further in Nursing (MSN) it wouldn't be difficult.

    The rest is history.

    Through school my motivation increased as my sense of social justice in the delivery of healthcare was inadequate for so many, many people... even for those with good jobs!

    Now, I'm considering CRNA... not primarily for the money, mind you - although it IS the best compensated area of RN practice. I wrestle with stuff like that. I've never done things for money exclusively. And, I can honestly say that with each step I've made (or been subject[ed] to) my compensation has increased substantially.

    In about two years of practice, I'm now looking straight down the barrel of a very-nearly six-figure salary.

    I didn't ask for it, and certainly didn't seek it. I'm simply trusting in the Almighty. You know the thing... "in all your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your paths."

    I know that I love people (and they like me), and have leadership qualities, enjoy explaining/teaching, a strong personality (not obnoxious), motivate by uplifting others, can see and know what to do in crises, and a variety of other circumstances, and know when to ask for help.

    And though one of my friends recently shared so with me, I have never once considered myself a so-called "Type double-A" personality.

    You know... I just wanna' help folks. But NOT do for them what they can and ought to do for themselves.

    Yeah, I talk to the comatose and non-English speaker just like I would to someone who could respond appropriately, hold their hands, and their relatives' hands, joke when appropriate, and provide the BEST care I possibly can. It's that 'pesky' "Do unto others" thing, you know. How else do they say it? What goes around, comes around?

    Without a doubt, Nursing is THE MOST rewarding career I've ever had!

    So, there you have it!
  6. by   djc1981
    The steady and flexible nature of the job was key. The money and ability for upward mobility was good. I get to wear jammies to work. What else is there in life??
  7. by   wlb06
    I chose Nursing because of the stability of nursing, the future of nursing, the solid income and opportunity to move up. I am just getting started in school and am not a nurse yet but these are all reasons that I am going BACK to school for another degree.

    Being able to help people, work amongst people all day, have all kinds of things going on, different options available and learn new things everyday are all perks of nursing that attracted me as well.
  8. by   Solid Snake
    Getting paid to help people. I come from a family of nurses, and never really considered the field till my dad got sick. I took care of him for a year till he passed, I came in every day and watched what the female nurses did. Now I don't want to say nursing is easy, but I figured if a woman could do it a guy could do it just as well, plus the guys working there weren't all feminine and sensitive like the way they are portrayed on TV often (not that there is anything wrong with being that way).

    Also the pay, the idea of making $20+ per hour to start (depending on where you are), a full time job, and the possibility of working 3, 12 hour shifts and having 4 days off sounds pretty sweet. Some nurses make as much as or more than doctors.
  9. by   jewishhatmaker
    I can honestly say that the reason I am pursuing the nursing career path is because I want to help people. I was all lined up to start my sophomore year with 6 business classes already paid for at a college in Missouri when I just missed my fiancee too much so I turned around and came home and figured out that as an 18 year old I needed money to marry her.

    So her dad who is the director of surgery at a hospital here told me to apply for a job. So I did and got in as a transporter in POCU/PACU. It was the most amazing 3 months of my life. I loved every minute of it. I got my HUC and PCT II certification and it was really fun. I had a bad experience with my boss (she hated me because her boss was the director and now he is my father-in-law and she was insecure and thought I was telling on her or something...she was crazy...) and she would publicly and privately harass me and tell me I was bringing the department down and such things. She would randomly take me into her office and accuse me of lying about the other nurses milking the clock and just make things up.

    So I transfered to another department with a better paying job and although it is no longer patient care (surgical supply coordinator) I am at least getting a little experience even though it stinks not getting to take care of people. I'm applying for nursing school in the spring or next fall and i'm currently finishing up the pre-req's.

    My wife and I both decided that we wanted to live our lives glorifying God and whatever we do we DO NOT want to live the American dream and just money money money. We both work part time right now and no we don't have much money but we have a few friends, we have our family, i'm not in much debt with school, I have my little motorcycle, we have God, we have each other, and we're going to make a difference in this world.

    Whatsoever you do unto the least of these my brethren,
    you do unto me.” Matthew 25:40
  10. by   silentRN
    Quote from gerry79
    The pay, which is very good in my area, and the flexibility. I work 3 days a week and make more than I did working 5 days a week. I work 12 days a month and have 18-19 days off. Cant beat it!

    I have never thought of it that way
  11. by   abbaking
    Quote from Treat et Street
    working with chicks, man... there's a lotta love in healthcare!
    ....and this is another reason why JOCKS need not apply to work in the hospital
  12. by   oneforall
    I had nothing else better to do so decided to be a nurse

    nah, i had this urge that i should be a nurse
  13. by   50caliber
    Living in the Bay Area (CA), nursing is highly respected and the pay is tremendous. Can't complain about job security as well.

    I have a BS in science from the UC and figure it was a logical progresison to pursue nursing after studying a pre med curriculum. I can't find a more satisfying career choice. Plus nursing is so diverse that you can find your special niche and specialize in it with higher education.