Guys, do you wear your wedding band to work? - page 5

For those of you who wear your wedding band, do you wear it to work? I don't want to have to be constantly taking it off to clean it. I'm thinking I will probably just wear it outside of work.... Read More

  1. by   _Kevin
    Quote from remifentanil
    OK.. Please explain why you would feel obligated to chime in on a forum for MALE nurses about a question that was SPECIFICALLY targeted to men?...

    We don't comment on threads about bleeding clots during menstruation or our thoughts on breast feeding... can we not have our own forum?
    ::crickets:: ....... LOL
  2. by   assidere
    I do. Otherwise I get hit on too much. And even when I do wear it sometimes

    My wife has promised to get me a "nice" band soon, and I'll only wear that for special occasions....
  3. by   assidere
    Quote from Dude,RN
    Yup- I wear it proudly. I am a man, a husband, and then a nurse...
    Amen brother!
  4. by   corbinRN
    Of course we wear our wedding bands. When I wash my hands, I slide it up my finger to ensure soap gets under the ring and my ring gets washed with antimicrobial soap just like my hands do. I've never had a problem with it.
    Actually, my wife would be pretty upset if I didn't wear it.