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  1. remifentanil

    81 year old nurse still working strong!

    I hope if I am still working at 81 I have the physical strength to pull the trigger of a shotgun with the barrel in my mouth. This is one of the most depressing stories I have read in a long time. To be 81 and have to work is pitiful beyond words. I am thankful I made the right retirement investments. If there was a god I guess I would thank him.
  2. remifentanil

    The "Flirt"

    Flirt all you want. But keep this in mind....sexual harassment is exactly what your accuser says it is.. You WILL lose. Besides... seriously.. who would date a female nurse? Find someone with a liberal arts or English degree.. the conversation will be a LOT more interesting than how much you job sucks. I find most female nurses pretty one dimensional.
  3. remifentanil

    Health insurance for 1099 crna - options

    I will be retiring in a couple of years from the medical school I work for. I hope to find a 1099 job... the tax advantages are incredible. Fortunately health care will be TriCare. I have no idea how good that is as I've never used it....But if it is like anything else the military did.. it has to be low rent.
  4. remifentanil

    LSU SRNA sues over hazing

    Google his name and see what you come up with. I think there may be discussions somewhere by students who are this guys classmates... It is not what it seems at all.
  5. remifentanil

    Becoming an NP with little to no nursing experience??

    If you CAN become an FNP without nursing experience... why bother? If the organization that accredits FNP programs and the FNP community itself does not think it is needed.. Why worry about it? Only one APN speciality absolutely requires it. You can be any kind of APN you desire except that one.
  6. remifentanil

    Air Embolisms by Central Line Removal

    I would like to talk to the person who taught this class... A human being,absent a PFO VSD etc can easily absorb more IV air than you think with no ill effects... This sounds like an urban legend. With a Valsalva the interthroacic and thus the venous pressure will NOT go below atmospheric.. and you cannot have air entering the vasculature without this condition existing. IIRC amounts up to apporx .25ml/Kg can be absorbed with no ill effect. It is common to inject a small amount of air into an RA line to trace the flow with ultrasound and to demonstrate the 'Mill Wheel' sound heard on a percodial doppler used to detect air emboli during sitting position craniotomies. The skin, underlying tissue and most importantly the vein are very elastic structures and would close off any hole left by the catheter... not to mention a central line is not inserted at a 90 degree angle to the skin...the air would have to enter though the tract of the line...My ******** meter is pegged on this one. Unless it was a HUGE central line...say a Cordis..and even then it would be difficult in the extreme. It sounds like that nurse was blowing smoke... or .. does not understand physics and anatomy.
  7. remifentanil

    Guys, do you wear your wedding band to work?

    I wear mine at work... but remove it in bars.
  8. remifentanil

    Accepted to CRNA school w/ Online BSN?

    Actually the number of CRNA schools has expanded exponentially in recent years.. Globally, you cannot have a huge increase in the numbers of seats in schools without lowering the standards for admission. While it may not be the case in your particular school... and with the people you know, overall " Thems the facts". I can state with certainty that it is much easier to get into a CRNA school now than it was, say, 10 years ago. As an example: A city in the midwest went from a school turning out 8 graduates per year, to 3 schools turning out 60 graduates per year without a matching expansion of positions regionally. And there are schools graduating 140 or more grads a year... these CRNA farms did not exist just a few years ago. Anecdote does not equal data... 10 years ago students were offered large sign on bonuses, moving expenses etc. Those are now all but thing of the past. Do some Googling on CRNA job availability.
  9. remifentanil

    Confusing medication labels baffle many

    Actually that is not a clear instruction at all...Think about it.. you are supposed to take it 4 to 6 hours apart.. why not 7? It should read.. MAY TAKE 1 TABLET NO MORE OFTEN THAN EVERY FOUR HOURS... period... it is redundant to state no more than 6 in a 24 hour period... Wait.. Glee and American Idol are hit TV shows.... maybe I AM overestimating the intelligence of the American public... Maybe pictures would be a better idea.
  10. remifentanil

    Accepted to CRNA school w/ Online BSN?

    At one time I think the online degree was somewhat looked down upon..But the fact is there are many many more seats in CRNA schools to fill. Anesthesia schools are popping up all over the place. A CRNA school makes a lot of money for a university. People are getting into the profession today who would not have had a chance 10 years ago. If you CANNOT get into a CRNA school today... something is seriously wrong.
  11. remifentanil

    CRNA Doctorate in 2015 or 2025?

    I would LOVE to see 3 years of CRITICAL CARE.. not ER.... not PACU... As for standardization... Imagine the hue and cry if the NP community were to require ANY post BSN experience... There are countless Ab Initio NP programs where NO nursing experience is required. Add to that the numerous on line NP programs and the fact an NP program can be done very part time. The simple fact is there is zero comparison in the rigors and the intensity of a CRNA education and an NP. About TWICE the education and clinical experience. How difficult can an NP program be if... as I have seen done... an OR nurse with zero bedside experience, can work full time and attend an NP program at the same time? Unlike an NP...a CRNA is not a physician extender... a CRNA is a physician replacement. I want NO part of the nursey nurse world of NPs. And neither do most of my peers. And a CRNA does NOT have to be supervised by an anesthesiologist... Even in California. It is an institutional decision. We can work independently in all 50 states. Oh... and the military where we often did.
  12. remifentanil

    Please help me!! New in nursing

    A direct entry MSN will get you almost exactly what a BSN will get you.. job wise. A generic MSN is about worthless and on a cost/ benefit basis is a bad idea. If it is about money... three letters.. CRNA. 'nough said.
  13. remifentanil

    The "Flirt"

    I told you so.
  14. remifentanil

    Combining a RN and CRNA education

    I am aware of that. And I was the person that interviews and accepted students at 2 schools. While the programs I was involved with did not under any circumstances accept non ICU experience. I can assure you there are programs that accepted PACU,ER and OR experience... There are more schools than there are well qualified students.....if you can't get in a program today. You should not be a CRNA.......
  15. remifentanil

    Question for the fellas....

    I have to say as more women get into my speciality...which until recently was majority male....the more it is becoming more nurse like and unprofessional... But nursing is not really a profession anyway..it's a job to most women. Something they can pop in and out of as they have kids, etc.