Good shoes for MEN

  1. May seem a weird question to post but shoes for little women are not the same for us men that need something stronger and durable. I'm 5'11' and 220 pounds and while I could lose some weight I'm naturally stocky.

    I currently use Croc chef shoes which look like clown shoes but who cares they clean up and protect the feet and unlike normal crocs with the added sole they don't wear out from the bottom but they have lost their spring.

    I'm thinking of using my doc marten boots which would be badass but with a shaved head and beard I already look enough like a biker in scrubs.

    Not going to wear running shoes I've never liked them and they are impossible to clean.

    So before I buy new Crocs anyone have a suggestion? I would really like something cushy like how crocs feel when new but maybe something that stands up a little better.
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  3. by   GrumpyRN
    Be careful bro, you can easily pick up the shoe thing.

    After 30+ years of working with women I am now quite happy to spend $280 on a pair of shoes. Most recent buy is a pair of trainers (sneakers) for $200. Hand made.

    I wear trainers but I have a colleague who wears crocs with bare feet - if anything spills he just washes his feet. So my advice, get what you are most comfortable with and ignore everyone else.
  4. by   MurseAt50
    The other reason I don't like running shoes besides the cleanup issue is they don't really last and cheap ones actually hurt the feet. I will probably just stick to buying a new pair of 60 dollar crocs every six months. It's not the shoe addiction that worries me as much as the $30+ compression socks I've fallen in love with.
  5. by   MIRN923
    I just got a pair of HOKA ONE ONE's.
    My knees have been bothering me after 12 hour shifts running around on concrete, and HOKAs are very well cushioned.
    I also have a pair of stable Saucony's that I use Superfeet insoles with.
    I have tried them all, and in my opinion, athletic shoes are less than half the price of Danskos (and I hate the way Danskos feel and look) and some other high-end shoes, so even if they wear out sooner, just buy another pair. I haven't had an issue with spills or anything, and they breathe well.
    I don't like Crocs because they don't support my feet well. I find when I wear them, my feet get very tired and achey after just a few hours.
  6. by   MurseAt50
    Wow those really are some ugly shoes and this comes from someone who wears Crocs. Definitely more expensive to but I like the return policy on the site. I may have to try these they do look super cushy.
  7. by   Cococure
    My hubby who is also a nurse wears good athletic shoes, usually the running ones that provide support. He also buys several pairs and rotates them around and takes care of his feet.
  8. by   SouthpawRN
    I came from an EMS background so I prefer to wear boots, Currently I wear Timberland Rip Saw boots. they come with a 30 day fit guarantee too. Timberland PRO Men's Rip Saw 9 Inch WP Soft Toe Work Boot,Black,7.5 M US: Shoes
    If you want a very comfortable and well made slip-on, I recommend trying Thorogood slip on's the have a really nice anti-slip sole. Men's Thorogood Athletic Slip - resistant Work Slip - ons Black, BLACK, 1M: Shoes
    My last pair of boots that are also very nice with a great antislip sole, but the sole is not very thick so I am not sure how long they will last or if they can be resoled. I hate breaking in new boots. Thorogood Men's 9" Firestalker Elite Wildland Hiking Boot: Clothing
    Thorogood 9" Firestalker Elite Wildland Boot, Men's NFPA

    I wanted white colored boots, but there is virtually no chioces in white for men's sizes. Lugs has one but was not that impressed with it. I wouldn't pay more than $50 for those boots. If anyone knows of other boots in white, let me know.
  9. by   dingerzz
    The past couple of years I've worn Brooks Ghosts. I'm not thrilled to wear running shoes because of the cleaning issue, but she are very comfortable.
  10. by   MurseAt50
    UPDATE: I went with the Hoka's. Damn cushy and comfy and I've gotten over my cleanup phobia if something actually spills on them I will throw them in the washer. Been so long since I have worn tennis shoes that I forgot about the other thing is that they get stinky. :-)

    Running wherehouse online is a great place to get them on sale for about half the price and an even better return/exchange policy of 90 days even if worn and run in.
  11. by   nightbrightener
    I've gone through crocs, trainers, boots, but the best shoes I ever found were Chacos (they are better known for sandals), they last for years, have great arch support, but flexible soles, good treads and incredibly comfortable.
  12. by   NurseSpeedy
    Quote from dingerzz
    The past couple of years I've worn Brooks Ghosts. I'm not thrilled to wear running shoes because of the cleaning issue, but she are very comfortable.
    Brooks are the ONLY shoes that will get me through a 12+ hour day without swollen feet and a horrific backache.

    Echos athletic shoes worked for 8s and came in white so I could were them when I was in nursing school, but after 8 hours I was hurting.
  13. by   KeepinitrealCCRN
    i alternate between nike running sneakers and calzuro clogs. calzuro clogs are nice because they are 100% rubber so you can clean them very easily and you can get them with an insole if needed. i used to only wear running sneakers and my feet would hurt at times but now that i am alternating I'm not having too much trouble.
  14. by   wtbcrna
    I like my slip on Merrels.