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Hi, I am starting a BS program in nursing in the fall, and I was wondering if male nurses are frowned upon or disrespected in anyway by patients, other nurses, MAs or DRs? Some older folks(such as... Read More

  1. by   cherrybreeze
    I think the male nurses tend to get MORE respect. Plenty of times they get mistaken for being the doctor (no matter how many times they correct the patient, they believe it anyway), and the docs that notoriously throw hissy fits just don't do it with the men.

    My previous director (I'm on a med/surg floor) had SO much more pull with the surgeons we work with, and I have no doubt it was due to the fact that he was a man. A big, tall man none the less, nice as can be, but could be tough when need be. He'd stand up for his staff to them when he had to, and they listened. They just honestly won't listen to a female nurse/director like they would to him, sad to say.
  2. by   ZanatuBelmont
    Quote from MellaBella
    I don't know if it was just me but I had a male nurse preceptor when I was consolidating and I found that compared to the previous female preceptors that I had had, patients definitely showed him more respect. I don't know what it is but patients who were "difficult" and who found every excuse to complain about every nurse were all p's and q's when my preceptor took care of them.
    I've actually had this happen to me several times as a nursing student. In fact, one floor was in such disbelief that I had NO problems from a "certain patient" they accused me of not actually going in the room and doing personal care for the patient! They even went so far as to report me to my instructor. Regardless, I had the last laugh, and the two nurses responsible for MY humiliation were given conference.
  3. by   prvrbs35
    I agree with the majority of posts thus far. I feel that myself as well as other males on our floor sometimes get more respect than our female counterparts. I do get patients that call me "doc." I correct them and they insist on calling me doc, anyway.
  4. by   rngolfer53
    Quote from nurse_mo1986
    LOL. I may get flamed for saying this, but I have to say that as a guy in nursing i've always gotten at least as much respect as a female from patients, if not more. For some reason, a lot of pts seem to listen to me as a guy, and i've never had a problem with this issue.
    Agree, and I don't know if it's being male, older (mid-50s) or whatever, but I seem to get fewer problems with rude docs.
  5. by   shiccy
    I don't think it's an "all the time" kind of thing ... I've had all kinds. I've always been respectful and try to use my patient's names as much as possible, and I am fairly good at explaining things and spending that extra ten seconds with each patient (ask my coworkers ... from what they tell me I talk to my patients WAY too much!).

    I've DEFINITELY been asked on MANY an occasion, "So are you a doctor??" Most of the time they are slightly in awe and then get over it as we get on with the night.

    There's only been one or two patients that have cared enough about their modesty, after me telling them how things are going to go for the evening, etc., to specifically request somebody OTHER than their nurse come in for the bed pan, etc.

    As far as doctors are concerned, however, I typically *DO* get more respect from my docs, but after working for the two short years that I have and having to call numerous docs every night, I've gotten my process down to a science and have everything ready and waiting. Most times I do the 10 second time out, "WHAT ELSE MAY HE ASK?" before I even put the page in. Because of this all my conversations are short and sweet, and to the point... I only say all this because I see so many people calling without the facts in front of them, and calling the doc doesn't go very well for them.

    On a final note, I have, by all means, been hung up on, fallen asleep on, and just plain not listened to on many occasion ... In short: don't sweat it because it's always different!
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    I typically get respect from all the docs...but I think it's because I call early in the shift with issues, and don't call at night unless I have to. Some LOLs don't like having a man due to the bathroom issue(but I explain that to the CNA and don't take them because they don't want me to see their backside)...I help out in other ways. The confused patients, the aggressive ones, the ones who are TOTALLY noncomplient don't give me any guff. I am caring and sympethic, but I am no nonsense when it comes to care. If you don't want to do what I'm suggesting, then I can't help you. I just do what I can.
    Lots of times I hear pts say "Its so nice to see a nice young man around here..." and I get the doctor card a lot...and I say "well, I'll be here all night, so I'm actually a nurse. plus they don't call me at home when I'm off..." I have my sayings and my humor that works like a charm with the older and younger it's interesting to say the least. GL to you!
  7. by   interleukin
    Nurses who expect to be respected, are respected.

    Gender has nothing, whatsoever, to do with it.
  8. by   david18
    Thanks for all the input!!!!!! I am feeling better already!!!!
  9. by   ChineseRN
    If not equal, male nurses sometimes receive more respect from what I've seen.
    Maybe its the size or maybe males are sometimes more firm, so the patients listen to what you have to say and do what you ask them to do. Even though female nurses have the same qualities, in certain areas, male nurses do have an advantage. So don't worry!
  10. by   Medic09
    Like the first answer said...

    I've never had a problem. Walk in, respect your patient, introduce yourself respectably, do the job.

    As for the docs, they just expect me to do good, efficient care. If I don't, then they don't care what or who I am.
  11. by   Medic09
    The biggest problem, BTW, is that some patients can't help laughing at a guy in that cap and white skirt. I think it's the hairy legs, or maybe the clumsy curtsy.
  12. by   tishirajan
    When I was in the hospital with gallbladder surgery I had the most awesome male nurse. He was really great and had a wonderful sense of humor. However, I personally, give respect where respect is due be it male or female. I've had wonderful female nurses that I adored as well.

    I've worked with some male nurses and CNAs in LTC and for the most part really enjoyed working with them. I think that some patients will listen to the male nurses, especially if they are older men. Women patients tend to feel more comfortable with women nurses, especially if doing personal care.

    That's just my experience though.
  13. by   VanLpn
    i am not a nurse....yet. i am a cna however. i have found that males tend to get more respect from patients. the amount of respect i received from nurses varied greatly. some of them went on about how wonderful it was to have a young guy in the place and were kind of flirtatious. there was one though i don't know why but my very existence seemed to offend her. i heard from other cna's that she did not like working with men. as far as patients were concerned female cna's would come and get me when they were having trouble getting a patient up, showered etc. when i came in i was friendly and told them it was time to get ready and they did. some of the cna's seemed to resent the fact that the residents listened to me for no other reason than that i'm a man. i did have a few female residents that refused care from me but most of the time it wasn't an issue. i had a couple of ladies that repeatedly requested me to do their personal care...that is awkward. after a while i felt bad for some of the cna's because it became apparent that they were not getting the respect they deserved simply because of their gender. older males were typically the problem residents and those were usually the ones that i was sent in to help with.
    i should add that i am not a huge guy, nor do i have a very aggressive take charge personality.