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I was just wondering how many gentlemen out there chose nursing as their first profession? I just graduated in May and in my nursing program of 85 people, there were eight men. All of them, but one... Read More

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    i was just wondering how many gentlemen out there chose nursing as their first profession? i just graduated in may and in my nursing program of 85 people, there were eight men. all of them, but one chose nursing as a second career. i was just always wondering why not more wanting to be nurses as their first career? what changed your mind? have you always wanted to be a nurse, if so why not your first career chose? thanks, i have just always wondered-laura
    first of all congratulations on your latest accomplishment. in answer to your questions i will say, i always knew nursing was & is my passion. however, my next goal is to become a crna, best wishes on all of your future endeavors...ciao~
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    These are some nice stories. Thanks for asking !!!
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    Nursing was not my first profession nor desire. I have a degree in Anthropology and Biology with a minor in Stats....nursing opportunity kinda came unexpectedly and I really really enjoyed it and still do. Honestly, I was surprised at how great the nursing profession is and am glad I took the opportunity when it presented itself.
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    With my degree in Anthropology, I found that I could play a mean game of trivial pursuit and also work as a restaurant manager. You think nursing has long crappy hours, wait until you open and close a restaurant! Wanted to do something that didn't require 5 day weeks and didn't have me making money for GE or something. Totally love it and have gotten a couple of male friends to get their nursing degrees!
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    Nursing is not my first profession, but it is my first choice. By this I mean that I was married at 19 and did whatever I had to do to put food on the table. I happened to enjoy carpenter work for 14 years, and didn't enjoy some other jobs. I have always wanted to be a nurse but wasn't in a position to get into it until 2009...
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    Prior to becoming a nurse I was a submariner, an electrical technician, air-conditioning technician and a gardener. To me they were just jobs. Nursing is my chosen career and I have 5 years now till retirement..
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    Nursing was not an option for men when I was an undergraduate. ('66-'70)
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    I just became an RN, and while I earned a BA in mathematics almost ten years ago and have had many jobs since then, my current job is my first in a professional role. I never considered nursing before because it was always expected by my parents that I would go to college, and once there chose my field of study based on what I enjoyed studying rather than what type of work I might get after college- so I chose to major in math, and found myself, after graduation, without any job opportunities that I was interested in. So I continued the work that I started while I was still considering declaring a psych major- working in a direct-care role in a group-home, which is what ultimately led to my decision to go to nursing school.
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    Have a lot of good male nursing friends - these pictures always crack me up because they are so true! LOL
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    If you had told me 10 years ago I would be a Nurse I would have laughed and said you had too much to drink. I'm in the Navy and have been for over a decade. I was also a submariner who worked on the reactor systems. Actually my first Bachelors is in Nuclear Engineering.
    I remember sitting in a waiting room for an appointment at and reading a story in the Navy Medicine journal about a the USS Comfort (hospital ship) and some of the wonderful things they were doing to help people in desolate conditions lead a healthy and fully functional life. I thought to myself that nothing I had done in my life could compare to even one of those acts that I read about.
    I started taking prereq's and applying to a program in the Navy that would let me go to college and study Nursing. The second year I submitted for the program I was picked up. I completed Nursing school and am now at my first Nursing job as a LDRP Nurse. I would have never saw myself here but I am loving every minute of it and would not change anything. I'm encouraging all the enlisted members I can to apply for these programs and become RN's.
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    I wanted to be a Millionare Playboy for quite a few years but haven't seen many positions open in the "Help Wanted" sections of the local papers. Most want you to bring your own Millions- very unrealistic. So I went with my second choice:RN. It's almost the same:long nights with naked people thrashing about, lots of mind altering drugs... I still keep checking the ads.
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    I am really happy to be a male nurse working in a hospital or indusrtial areas. Its really new to me. I gradutated on 18 Jan 10. I have experiance in Childcare and corrently working as a occupational nurse in a private industry. My mager is nursing. I want to be a nurse always becase there is no job which give bless and money in the same time.