Memory Enhancers? o.0


guys,...anyone here taking memory enhancers or such?

...i guess i need this :( .,.i graduated 2009 and now reviewing i keep forgetting what i read, tried memorizing important stuffs some retains some don't and i need it to retain because these are core foundations. .Can someone suggest something? o.0


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Eat Fish 3 times a week!


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me2006 that is sooo true! i was told that before too. Fish = omega 3

Back in high school, someone even told me chew gum when you study. chew the same flavor gum later when you take nclex practice questions. you will probably remember some of the information you retained. I haven't tried this yet.

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I'm an auditory learner, so it helps for me to say things out loud when I study.


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me2006 that is sooo true! i was told that before too. Fish = omega 3

Yes, eating fish really helps with memory! Fish is rich is omega 3 which is what the brain needs. Omega-3s are plentiful in many kinds of fish, especially herring, salmon, and mackere.

Just an FYI, eating baked or broiled fish three times every week will reducie your risk of developing degenerative brain diseases. fried fish will not help!

Fish also decreases anger and anxiety and increases vigor while also improving various types of attention, cognitive and physiological functions — including overall mood.

Brains low in omega-3 fatty acids tend to age more quickly and lose more memory than brains with higher omega-3 levels.


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Will I get the same affect if I take the Omega 3 capsules?


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I agree, gum and fish.:)Just not together!

Thiamin that can be found in whole grains, also oats is very good for memory improvement. If I am right it is vitamin B1.

also, the other day I bought "All day Focus" vitamin over amazon and I am taking it and really helpes me to memorize more than I usually can.

The safest one would still be Thiamin. ask your doctor also if you can.

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I agree with the baked/broiled fish regimen. I also took Vitamin B minerals, specifically Glutaphos (here in the Phils), we also have here Memo(ry) + Gold. :)


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oh if thats the case...when it comes to baking fish i love salmon... :D

I want to try that "All day focus" only 23 and geez! its hard for me to memorize and make all the stuffs I am reading to retain it in my mind. Its never like this when I was in school and don't know why :( ...

feels like my brain is gettin old :coollook: