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Memorizing Cells

utbritton utbritton (New) New

hello everyone!:redbeathe

i'm new here and i found the website because i need desperate help with the cells:confused:. is there any trick you have up your sleeve to memorize these? it's worth a try and trust me, so far i need all the help i can get!:nurse:

happy wednesday!


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Hi Utbritton

Welcome to All Nurses:yeah::balloons:

Maybe I am showing my age, but what type of cells are you talking about?

Lol no not at all, I'm sorry I didn't specify correctly. The PARTS of a cell. It's so hard for me to remember anything other than the plasma membrane and the nucleus. I am not good at remembering things so I was wondering if anyone had a trick or two up their sleeves

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Welcome to biology and brute force memorization.

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Hi Britt :) Welcome to allnurses!

I'm very much a visual learner, so I would break down those brown grocery bags into a flat sheet, and then draw the cell on that. I would use different colors and then would use post-its to write the names of the parts. I would test myself, not only on the names, but a brief description of what each part does.

I hung them on the wall in a room where I would be every day, and would quiz myself each time I passed.

Good luck! :)


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Make yourself a model of the cell with all its parts labeled. Make it so you can take it apart and put it back together again. Put removable labels on all the parts. After doing all of that you'll never forget what is inside a cell.

I personally think of the cell as working just like the body. For instance, the nucleus is the "brain" of the cell, the cell membrane is the "skin" of the cell, etc., etc.

I think drawing it out and/or making a model of the cell are also great suggestions from the above posters.

It took me a while to remember cells too, so you are not alone. Good luck!