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    Scheduled to take the CCRN certification March 5th!

    Initially I got my hands on the "Pass CCRN" book, but mannnnnnn am I having trouble getting through this thing! It's incredibly detailed and huge. My intent was to read through the cardiovascular and pulmonary sections, as those entail most of the test questions. But unnghh! However I'm grateful for the amount of test questions that comes with the thing.

    So, I figured perhaps I should switch it up and incorporate audio into this painful reading! Anyone have any success using "Adult CCRN Exam Secrets" audio book?

    I've been away from opening a text book for 12 years. REALLY feeling that pain right now!

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    Mine is scheduled for March 5th!!
    I havn't touched a text book in 12 years.....soooooooo worried!!
    I've got the Pass CCRN book and dvd. Really really struggling through reading this thing. I intended to read the cardiovascular and pulmonary sections before tackling practice questions.'s incredibly detailed and I'm having a ton of difficulty making myself do this!
    SO....I got on Amazon and ordered some audio assistance with The Adult CCRN Exam Secrets.
    Maybe plowing through that will be considerably less painful than the Pass CCRN book.

    Good luck to every one else looking forward to the exam!