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    Quote from cmcgr006
    hahaha....I love this thread...I took the N-CLEX yesterday 7/11. I KNOW I got the last question wrong and I have been dwelling on that STUPID question, something about herbal supplements. I had 75 questions and am going to have to wait a while until my results because VA doesnt have quick results. A wise doctor told me today that if I didnt feel like I failed when I left the test then I didnt pass haha everybody say a little prayer
    you can find VA online 2-4 days after the NCLEX

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    Quote from FarmRN2Be

    I'm an RN!!!

    I want to thank everyone on this board-from fellow nursing to students to the seasoned nurses on Allnurses for the advice, stories, and encouragement. I joined the site in the Summer of 2003 before I started nursing school and you all have helped me every step of the way!

    Thanks everybody!!!!

    Christine, RN

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!! :hatparty:

    Have to keep this short and sweet cause I have my 2nd day of orientation tomorrow on the Maternity Unit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats and enjoy every moment

    Melissa, RN, BSN
    TCNJ - 2005

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    Quote from junglern
    melissa you guys have been awesome, actually i am taking mine next july 27, 10 am lower manhattan center, i am cuban graduated from nursing schoool, i will really appreciate if you can give me some minutes, with some tips for this exam harder for us foreing graduates, just finished kaplan, i am doing the boards review from three weeks until the 26, plus every single thing outthere, please help me !

    you guys are so well prepared, congartulations

    i am very scared, but only two posibilities

    i am keep myself praying, now working tonight night shift as a pct in brooklyn.

    thanks, and have fun!

    melissa rn
    thanks so much for the well wishes!!!! as far as tips goes, 1.) i too took kaplan, i didnt think my instructor was very helpful but the kaplan questions on the tests 1-7 are somewhat similar in difficulty to the ones on the actual nclex. i did all 7 test. review all the anwsers whether you get them wrong or right, i noticed that even the ones i got correct my personal rationales were different. so try to finish them all atleast 2 days before your test so you can relax. o yeah....listen to relaxing music while you are studying>>>big help!!! 2.) the next best advice i can give you is you have to relax while you are taking the test. i know this is a hard thing to do, especially when you take the test and feel like you never learned any of the material. i think many intelligent people fail the nclex because they become to anxious/nervous!!!!! i literally prayed to god before i took the test and asked him to grant me peace and serenity and i received it!!!!!! i was very relaxed even though i felt like i did not know anything and i think that it what helped me get through it and pass with 75 questions. - 2 hours later 3.) expect to get 265 questions so you don't panick if the test goes over 75, remember the more questions you get, it's sort of the computers way of giving you another chance!!! so make sure you take kaplan test 7. it took me the whole day to do it but it helps to build up your stamina 4.) somethings on the nclex that i did not expect where 2-3 herbal supplement questions and disaster triage - similar to priority.
    i hope this helps.....if you want any other advice feel free to ask. good luck ... you will do great!!!!! write out your name with rn at the end serverla times a day and also look in the mirror and constantly say to yourself that you will will be a great rn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look forward to hearing from you!!!! :hatparty:

    melissa rn, bsn
    the college of new jersey
    school of nursing 2005

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    Quote from jenrninmi
    A little anxiety is setting in.

    What drugs MUST I know really well for NCLEX?

    Beta Blockers
    Calcium Channel Blockers

    What else?

    Also, what Labs values MUST I know well for NCLEX?

    Electroytes, dig level, PT, PTT...what else?

    Anyone else taking the exam tomorrow? :stone

    Other things to know are Calcium 8.5-10.5, Sodium 135-145, Potassium 3.5-5, ABGs pH 7.35-7.45 CO2 35-45, HCO3 22-26, Blood Sugar 70-120, Dig Tox +2ng, CVP 3-11....just as important to know is what happens when these levels are too high or too low......look over antidepressants - MAOI, TCA, SSRI- which foods are contraindicated.....GOOD LUCK & TRY TO RELAX, I took the test 7/7 and found out yesterday I passed. Do Not REVIEW ANYMORE CONTENT!!!! I thought I failed too after I took the NCLEX, whatever you do RELAX and DO NOT RUSH...rationalize things out and if you dont know try Assessment 1st vs Implementation, Maslow's Hierchy physical 1st over psychosocial, and READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY!!!! THINK POSITIVELY AND WRITE OUT YOUR NAME and ADD RN to the END OF IT!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK - YOU WILL DO GREAT!!!!

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    i found out yesterday i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to everyone for their thoughts prayers and kind words of encouragement. best of luck to everyone still waitingand to those who have yet to take it.....75 was a lucky number for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: i'm so excited i still cant believe it. the college of new jersey has 100% pass rate so far and i was lucky #30, 9 more classmated left until its officially 100%

    melissa rn, bsn
    the college of new jersey
    school of nursing 2005

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    Quote from trink
    i passed!!!!!!!
    i found out this morning- 48 hours almost to the minute- results are still not up on my bon website so i paid the 7.95 for pearson quuick results-was definaitely worth it. have you heard yet?

    congratulations to both of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i passed too!!! :hatparty: i found out yesterday at my job, around 4:05pm....i was so nervous to look at the results so i minimized the screen......i tricked my friend when i called him up, and tried to sound upset and told him it was the worst $7.95, i ever spent, he said why, i got so excited that i yelled because i could have saved it and waited a month to find out my good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can hardly believe it still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will continue to keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers that are waiting for their results or have yet to take it!!!! congrats trink!!!!!!!!! :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:

    [melissa rn, bsn
    the college of new jersey
    school of nursing 2005

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    I took my NCLEX ON 7/7 @2:45pm in Atlantic City, NJ. Two of my friends also took it on 7/7 but at 9:00am and they both just found out today at 9:30 am & results are still not up. I just want to know....I really don't care what the results are. This waiting is driving me crazy, especially since my friends found out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    I got 75 questions and am trying to reassure myself that I passed, considering that the majority of my nursing class received 75. So far 29 took it and 29 passed, I want to make it 30!!!!!!!!! And I'm praying that the rest of my classmates will do well along with everyone out there!!! I'm also trying to convience myself that I will be in the 90% of people who receive a 75 pass...the key word is TRY.......GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE...I'm going to check my results again....And thanks to everyone that told me to look up my results with my SB but they havent updated their site since July 1

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    YOUR GOING TO PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK POSITIVE AND RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE A GREAT RN IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST OF LUCK STUDYING!!!!!!! I'm waiting for my results, either today or Monday?!?!!?!

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    CONGRATS!!!!! I hope that I too will be celebrating with you. I took mine on 7/7 and I'm ssuppose to find out today or Monday... as ou can see I'm up bright and early to find out!!!!!!!!

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    Quote from futureRNMG
    I took my test yesterday and got 120 questions.I am going crazy waiting to get the results. I have had a few people that took he test last month tell me that they did get their results over the weekend so I just hope it's true. This waiting is the worst and I keep thinking is what am I going to do if I fail. The past two years of my life have been leading up to this and I feel like I just bombed it. OK I am being dramatic here but it's how I feel

    guys - regardless of the outcome of the test, we are all competent and very much worthy of the title RN - after all we all passed nursing school, didn't we?!?!?!?! That in itself is worthy of a license!!!! And FRNMG - you have every right to be dramatic because it a horrible feeling to wait and Trink - I hate that everyone, including my boyfriend tells me don't worry. It makes me so angry that they say that... I literally want to bite their heads off. Only fellow grads and alumni of nursing school & the NCLEX understand the pressure we are under. I WISH ALL OF US THE BEST OF LUCK & I'LL LET YOU ALL KNOW TOMORROW or MONDAY (keeping my fingers and toes crossed for us all!!!!!!!)

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    Quote from trink
    What an experience! I am normally a good test taker but I was so nervous this morning when I got to the test center I was shaking and felt like crying. When they asked me to put my right index finger on the fingerprinting pad I just went blank- For a second I couldnt even remember what finger was my index finger. Thats insane. I had to start taking deep breaths and calming myself down before I blew the whole test. It stopped at 75 which I hear is good but i cant even remember any questions I answered. I didnt have any math and only 1 select all that apply. i know i can check for results online or call, but can i find out over the weekend or only during the week. Also, has anyone failed with 75?
    I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who forget which one was their index finger!!! I took the test yesterday and also got a 75...I feel so out of limbo...but we both must remain postive and believe that we passed!!!
    AS far as checking your result, I believe that the earlies you can find out is MOnday, but most likely Tuesday. You can also try license look up

    I'm from Jersey and they still haven't updated their site since July 1 !!!!!
    So I guess I will be up early on Saturday to check the quick results and find out!!!! I'M SURE YOU DID GREAT!!!!!!! Keep me posted and I'll do the same :hatparty:

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    Quote from here with me
    I am taking my Nclex tomorrow and have just started "freak out mode". I feel like I don't know enough content but I don't even want to attempt to start studying content NOW because then when I realize what I don't know I'll freak out even more!!!!!
    Hey....I just took the NCLEX yesterday so I know totally how you feel. Definitely DO NOT LOOK AT ANY MORE CONTENT, it will make you more nervous. The best thing you can do for yourself it TRY to REMAIN CALM!!!!!! I think a lot of intelligent people fail the NCLEX because they freak out. Remember, 1.) It's only a test, not the end of the world!!!! 2.) Whatever the outcome is, will not determine what kind of nurse you'll be- afterall you passed nursing school and you didn't kill anyone in clinical 3.) the type of questions you receive are NOT in your take a deep breath, try to relax as much as possible, get you ATT & ID ready for tomorrow, eat a good breakfast and GOOD LUCK. DOn't let your nerves get the best of you, I prayed for peace and serenity while I took my test and I received it even though I found the test difficult!!!!. YOU WILL DO FINE AND YOU WILL PASS!!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

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    I recently took a KAPLAN course and I just took my boards yesterday -got a 75 :uhoh21: - I personally did not think the course was helpful but the CD was. Actually, I think my instructor sucked, she was new and could hardly ever anwser our questions. I would like to know other people's experiences!!!

  • 0 wonderful med/surg instructor failed out of nursing school once, maybe twice and failed the boards twice...she is another source of inspiration to me as she is currently serving in the army national guards in Iraq!!!!!

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    There is a silver lining to every dark cloud - although you didn't pass, you are an inspiration to people in similar situations. I just took my boards yesterday and honestly have NO IDEA of how I have done. But whatever my results are, I know there is always an opportunity to retake the boards. I also thought while taking the test that the results do no prove what type of nurse you'll be, and you seem that you will be an excellent nurse soon and give back to such a wonderful profession!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!! I know its difficult but the best advice I can give you is try to relax and do positive affirmations everyday!!!! You will get through this - I believe in you