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  • Jan 27 '13

    Quote from nmlola
    Hello everyone! I am currently waiting on the assessment results for both my RN and RPN applications with the CNO. Like most internationally educated nurses, I am left in the dark waiting until they let know me whether I am eligible to take the exams or not... My only dismay on the CNO's process is that they can't provide a timeframe on how long the applicant must wait.

    So now that I am in this dilemma, i am planning to just go ahead and take up the bridging program for internationally educated nurses. Most of the time anyway especially for the most recent applications, CNO requires upgrade on the education right? or the assessment says the nursing program is not at par with the nursing program of Ontario? Which has a better bridging program: Centennial College, George Brown, or York University?

    I might be just getting impatient.. frustrated.. you know the feeling of being left hanging in the dark... I miss the craziness of being a nurse.. an ER nurse.. I miss the crazy night shifts and the chaotic afternoon shifts.. I miss working. I never thought I would say that but yes. hehe..

    You're not alone, everybody's been there in your situation. Even my RN assessment took 16months. Applying for RPN is also a good strategy so you can apply for bridging program while waiting for RN assessment. However, you can't apply to colleges unless you have the Letter of Direction from CNO or the result of your assessment. The minimum wait for RPN assessment is 6months, your RN may take up to 2yrs or even more depending on your credentials and to your assessor. Once you receive your RPN assessment (which for sure will arrive first) enrol on courses such as Health Assessment, Med Admin etc. Everybody starts from the bottom and there's really lots of waiting, your patience will really be tested. Just always think positive. Goodluck on your journey.