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I would like to gather feedback about the organization CARE 4 nurses in Toronto. There is a membership fee for $125 and they offer prep courses for a much lower price than in other institutions. Is it really beneficial to apply for membership? Are their prep courses significantly useful? I would very much appreciate your feedback IENs. :)

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There are a few posts discussing this organisation suggest a search


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Have you already taken your OSCE?

And can i ask if u had your jurisprudence exam before CNO assessed your eligibilty to take the CRNE?

THank you.

God bless


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Can anyone help! A BSC nurse holder in Nigeria wants to work in Canada, what are the processes involve to achieve this.

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You need to apply to the college of nurses in the province in which you want to work. They will instruct you on how to apply for a license.You will have a tougher time getting a work visa.Nursing has been taken off the list fopr FSW visas and you would likely have to look at a TWP ( Temporary Work Permit) and that means having a license and a job offer first.


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hii nmlola,

i am also seeking help if somebody tell me ,if care4 nurses works for them in clearig the exam.

thanx amuu


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Hii loriangel....

can u suggest me about prep course by care 4nurses.is that gud for international nurses as i have double view about it


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