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  • Apr 28 '14

    M.V. - when did you interview? My interview was just last week...haven't heard either way. Thinking they are notifying those that interviewed earlier this month first....Congrats!!! Hoping to hear something soon!

  • Oct 29 '12

    Hey everyone! Let me know if anyone has started a Facebook group, I would love to join too! I too am very anxious to get more info on what is coming. I am so excited to get things started but very nervous too! I turned in my acceptance form and my employment verification. I also requested the background check. Now just waiting to turn in immunizations and the drug testing. Can't wait to meet everyone else in the group and get to know the Parkland cohort! See you soon!

  • Oct 22 '12

    It is unfortunate that misleading information was given but in two different locations directly from UTA’s website it states that priority is given to employees that are partnered. It is not a “consideration”. Who knows what UTA is thinking but a good rule of thumb is to stay calm and be hopeful. No need to be at each other’s throat and be degrading. Once again, for those waitlisted let’s be hopeful and for those accepted into the program, CONGRATS.

    Acceptance to the upper division nursing program is highly competitive and based primarily on science and prerequisite GPAs. The upper division nursing curriculum is divided into four semesters to provide continuity, and integration in the learning experiences. Only 120 are admitted into the BSN on-campus program each fall and spring semester. In the online program, partner hospital clinical sites will vary each semester. Priority will be given to students employed by partners.
    Applicants will be ranked and admitted based on space availability.

    Admission to the program is highly competitive and primarily based on natural science and overall prerequisite GPAs. Priority will be given to applicants employed by partner hospital systems offering clinical sites during that semester of admission. Partner hospital clinical sites vary each semester. To receive priority, applicants must be employed at the time of the ranking and the first day of class. Employment at a partner hospital is not a guarantee of admission into the upper-division nursing courses.

  • Oct 12 '12

    Quote from txhopeful12
    Anyone still holding out hope that they're sending the email today?
    I am definitely holding out hope!! I would say it's mid-October and the big "meeting" has happened. I truly hope it happens TODAY

  • Oct 4 '12

    Quote from txhopeful12
    I am partnered with Parkland. 3.25 science, 3.35 general, 2 accommodations. I was denied last semester for both programs, but I've been partnered since then. Here's hoping!!
    I am partnered with Parkland too! I was put on the wait list in the Fall, I am hoping this time it's good news Good luck you this time around!