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  • Oct 8 '12

    Forget nursing, you need to write books!

  • Oct 8 '12

    I don't work as a RN anymore, but when I did I hated even having students on the floor. I hated precepting even more. Please seperate that from the individuals themselves, who were probably lovely people, one and all. I just did not like my routine interrupted. I liked to do things the way I liked to do them, and I didn't like explaining anything, much less everything.

    I didn't mind precepting new hires that had experience. I think being good at precepting and having a passion for it is a talent, much like playing an instrument. Any monkey can be taught to play a piece on an instrument, but few of us become virtuosos. To be that good, beyond technically proficient, you have to love it, deeply. It always strikes me as odd that it is comparatively easy to find clinical instructors as opposed to lecture faculty. I could lecture competently on almost any nursing subject with a week's notice. In 20 years, I was never more than a mediocre preceptor, even though I was an exceptional nurse. Reason being, I simply despised it.

    And the thing is, what nursing students fail to understand, is that every bit of that is about me, and not one iota of it is about them/you. None. I couldn't care less about you (and I mean that in the nicest way possible, lol). So I'm not being mean, I'm just being, shall we say, focused. I simply don't want you around while I'm working. Let's have a drink some other time, shall we? I'll buy.

  • Oct 8 '12

    I enjoy having certain types of students, namely the ones who take accountability for their own learning.

    Ideally, your instructor is the one who is supposed to go out of his/her way to teach the students new skills, processes, and so forth since the nurses on the floors and units might not always have the time. Furthermore, I love the assertive students who take the initiative to ask the unit nurses if they can jump in and try a new skill.

    On the other hand, I dislike having to deal with the small number of students who stand around, lack any form of self-direction, and expect to be taken by the hand and automatically shown things, although I am cognizant that some clinical instructors do not want their students to do anything or touch anyone when they are not present.

    If you want to be shown how to do something, do not be afraid to ask the unit nurses. Good luck with your future endeavors!

  • Oct 8 '12

    I hope this is fundamentals home work......look up symptoms of overdose and symptoms of allergic reaction.

  • Oct 6 '12

    I definitely felt the same you did! I left the testing center and cried In the parking lot, thinking I failed it. Apparently I heard that feeling like you bombed is pretty accurate since we miss roughly 50% of the questions (which was NOT a reassuring thought!). But the Pearson Vue trick worked for me. Haven't had any one I know where the trick didn't work for them.

  • Oct 6 '12

    I felt exactly the same way. I left in tears after it shut off at 75 questions. I thought it was awful. A couple days later, my license number showed up on the board website. Lots of us have that experience!

  • Oct 6 '12

    Quote from Katie225
    It was the most awful experience of my life. I felt like a complete idiot walking out. I didn't sleep last night I was so nervous and I have a cold so I'm in a fog. I was top of my class all throughout school and got high scores on all my ATI predictors... but I don't know.

    It turned off at 75 questions... and I got the "good" pop up from Pearson Vue... but I thought it was terrible.... does anyone have any advice or experience with this?

    Gurrrrrrrl, just relax, the pop up means you passed. Celebrate now!!!


  • Oct 3 '12

    Probably. Good luck. If you have been spit on by perps you will handle nursing just fine!

  • Oct 3 '12

    did you get the job??

  • Oct 2 '12

    Quote from hhurley
    You're 4 year old knows all the bones in the body (while I was in A & P) and when he started kindergarten he was telling his class about skin assessments and care planning and medication administration, to the point that I got a phone call from his teacher about words she didn't understand
    "The Force is strong with this one..."
    And, passes the NCLEX-RN on the first try - at age 8!

    ----- Dave

  • Oct 2 '12

    You're 4 year old knows all the bones in the body (while I was in A & P) and when he started kindergarten he was telling his class about skin assessments and care planning and medication administration, to the point that I got a phone call from his teacher about words she didn't understand

  • Oct 2 '12

    When you do foot assessments on fellow customers at the grocery store... Foot care people!

    You purchase hand soap compulsively (I think my boyfriend is going to buy me a bulk amount for my birthday...)

    You hide the salt shakers... from your family... and then teach them about negative effects of salt on BP.

    EVERYONE asks you for medical advice. And many address you as "doctor"....

    You assess your veins to determine the level of dehydration you have reached.

    And finally...

    No paycheck amount could ever compare to the amazing sense of pride you can only achieve by being a NURSE

  • Oct 2 '12

    You come home from work and tell your husband "I'll take report on the kids whenever your ready."

    Your babysitter has to call you at work to decipherer the Tylenol directions you left for her because you wrote "5 mL PO q 4 hrs PRN"

    When ever your child hits his/her head, you initiate neuro checks.

    Whenever you hear someone cough, you feel the need to assess their lung sounds.

  • Oct 2 '12

    Since the kitchen was closed and all we had were cold sandwiches, could I go to said kitchen and fix her up something?

  • Oct 2 '12

    I work in labor and delivery, one patient's request that when she had pain she'd like to use hospital-provided marijuana for pain relief. I told her that's not something we stock.