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    woo hoo...thanks for that website! It's really neat!

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    Thanks for the advice...I am on the more nervous side because I have to take this @ a different hospital (most likely won't know anyone) and I just want to do well!

    EKG interpretation is not my best talent!!

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    I am a new RN...working for 6 hospital requires all nurses to be ACLS certified.

    Can someone PLEASE describe to me your ACLS experience...what the megacode day like? Do I get a chance to run a "mock code?" How am I evaluated as to whether I passed?? Is there a written portion?!?

    I am kinda nervous...please help put my nerves at least if I have an idea of what the day will be like. THANKS!! :spin:

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    Very interesing...thanks for the comment!

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    I know this is not done very often...but does it require an MD's order?

    New Grad Lisa

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    gosh...I am new to nursing and would love a good book too!!!

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    Hi all!

    I have just finished my "new grad" orientation @ my hospital and I am wanting to get a gift for my 2 amazing preceptors.

    Any ideas??

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    I just graduated in May and started working in July...I had and still have the SAME feeling. But I have been finding that things make more sense in the work place. There is a big difference between reading about things in a book or listening in a lecture and actually seeing it in action at work.

    Although I did have many clincal hours during school, it is still so different actually working and seeing the whole picture. I mean I still feel overwhelmed many times...but things seem to click and make sense better.

    I have learned SO MUCH over the last couple months working, I am loving it! My husband teases me that I study more now than I did when I was school!!

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    Hey...I am a new RN and still on orientation.
    I have a question about pts who are NPO for a surgery/procedure/etc and whether or not to give PO meds. I have been orienting with different nurses and I get a different answer from each one.

    I realize some MDs write NPO except meds, but do you give PO meds if the pt is NPO with a small sip of water?

    Please enlighten this newbe!


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    Thanks so much!!
    I am still on orientation and feel like there's no way I will ever be able to actually do everything the pair (my preceptor and I) of us do, on my own. Thanks for all the advice!

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    There is an awesome thread going on in the "First Year in Nursing" board about mistakes made or little gems of info that new nurses (or any nurse) could learn from.

    So I thought...since I am a new nurse, and need all the little gems of knowledge I can get ...I'd post the topic here also, where nurses with more experience may see it and share their wisdom.

    So please, share your thoughts, mistakes and what you've learned from them, and gems of knowledge!!


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    Oh my gosh...i LOVE these!! We need to start his post on the general nursing board too!! I love reading all these jewels of knowledge! It's these little things that you don't learn in school that REALLY help!! THANKS for sharing!!!

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    :spin: Hi..I am new grad RN...I am curious about Liability Insurance for RNs.

    I know in school we were required to have it through "Nurses Service Organization" an RN employed at a hospital do I need to have this coverage?

    If so...where do I buy it?

    ANY insite would be great! THANKS!

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    I too just graduated in May...I had heard from lots of RNs it is really hard to study for the NCLEX...there is so much info that could be on the exam that if you don't already know it you won't know it.

    So I did review a few things I knew I was weak on lab values certain drug levels, but other than that I just tried to relax before I took the test.

    I would suggest just relaxing and hanging with your kiddos too! Good'll do great and I think we know more than we give ourselves credit for!!

    I did pass...and it felt so good seeing that RN next to my name!
    You'll do great!

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    thanks for all the input guys!
    i want to be prepared and not say something stupid and be kicking myself for it!

    thanks for all your help!