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  • Sep 7

    I am excited. I know there will be lots of phone calls and paperwork, I don't mind that stuff. What I am excited about is not being the person who has to deal with the fact that no one reordered grandma's meds for 2 weeks now there are none, there's not 50 elderly people on their lights wanting pain pills or toileted and I'm the only nurse there. If I can spend 5 whole minutes with one patients without being guilty 'cause I have 50 others waiting.. I'll be happy. I don't mind fast-paced but stress that I can't deal with (so and so is screaming and I've tried every nursing intervention and the doctor won't return a call and if something bad is happening my license is on the line) I can't take that. Soooo happy. I love to educate, I loved doing admissions when I was in school (back before I was forced to do an admission at the same time as a 50 person med pass in 1 hour) and I am happy I will be able to hopefully give good care to patients, not just run run run and hope they're all okay, which is what LTC felt like.

  • Aug 23

    I hate getting up early and I am a night owl. I was dying on nights though, it's too much. I can't function on a reversed schedule. The bank, the store, everything in my life is on day schedules. If I could do 3-11's I'd be happy but my job is 7:45 A to 5 p Mon-Fri, it's nice with no weekends, nights, or holidays though. I'll take sleepy morning for not spending every day off passed out trying to recover and never getting anything done because of the schedule.

  • Aug 6

    Gee, the people who went 4 years straight, probably have debt from over-priced tuition and who sat through class after class to get their BSN will do anything to feel superior to us ASN nurses, even when we get our BSN, but in the more convenient and less expensive way. NEWSFLASH- BSN is BSN. And an RN is an RN. We take the same classes and the same NCLEX-RN. Proud to be an RN who started ADN and who used online BSN. Don't like it? Too bad. Go pay your loans.


    Just so tired of being put down for doing things that are actually positive. Don't have a BSN. You're crap. Didn't go to a physical class at a 4 year school? You're crap.

    Get off your high horses people.

  • May 26

    Thanks guys. I will be working in an "everything generally" clinic so I hopefully will get to see a lot of things. But I couldn't take the nursing home and the stress of working in an unsafe environment with no supplies or staff and 50+ patients all the time. I'll take the salary without wanting to pull my hair out and cry and scream while running around that place any day.

  • Apr 3

    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    I'd say those of you who hate it...get out. We don't need people who hate their job so much taking care of frail people. Don't you think they get that you don't like being there so it makes them feel you don't like them. And for the person who said the patients mess up YOUR routine??? Really??? Being old and having to live in a nursing home is messing up their lives. Go work in a derm clinic.
    I doubt it, because I am always kind and pleasant to them, and I never get upset at work, I stay calm and smile. So no. Just because I don't love every minute of it doesn't mean i am bad at my job or that I don't care about my patients. Really? If you guys are so un-frustrat-able, maybe you should be canonized. Honestly I never expected so much rudeness from fellow nurses, you of all people should know the difficulties that come with this job.

  • Apr 3

    Oh please, egglady. As if you do not have patients that drive you nuts. I go out of my way to make sandwiches for people at 3 AM. I ambulate patients who just want to walk but it's night and the aides are all busy. I love my residents, but this is NOT the nursing I wanted to do, SO SORRY I am not so self-righteous as to not admit my frustrations. If you love every part of your job while getting punched by alzheimer's patients just because you approach them and said "Good morning" when they were already awake, you must be some kind of angel that I know doesn't exist. I will sit and have nonsense conversations with patients when they are confused. But I am not gonna sit and listen to a patient complain for 2 hours or call me every swear word and name on earth and pretend to love it. I won't pretend like passing pills for 5 hours a night is giving me useful "skills." I don't have disrespect for my patients, it is the care style in LTC facilities that I can't stand, 50 patients for one nurse, please. Just, please. If you have never felt compassion fatigue you must be some kind of saint, but I am sure that your post is just someone on their high horse while someone else vents. Like you've never felt burnout because of your work environment. Please get over yourself, oh mighty respectful of the elderly, always positive, never frustrated super-nurse. I feel sorry for your patients, if they complain you must give them a lecture. Can't someone just vent, jeezus.

  • Feb 10

    I feel the EXACT same way.

    And Cheyfire- It is not that we don't care for the elderly, I love my residents, but when I have so many that I have no time for them, or no supplies, or run out of meds, or get staff cuts mid shift, or management wants to yell at me for things I have no control over because of THEIR poor staffing, the nursing home is NOT an ideal environment to work. I have nothing against the elderly, and while I do get frustrated with behaviors, they are still people and deserve care,but I also deserve a decent place to work where I have the tools and time I need and am treated like a nurse, not a robot slave to abuse, and that is why I would love to get OUT of LTC. If my parents ever need care like that, they will move into my home and have a private duty nurse. I cannot stand the philosophy of nursing homes, just because they are not "acute" doesn't mean one nurse can care for 50 people at one time!

  • Jan 23

    Doing a treatment on a quadriplegic- I hope I'm not hurting you, if you feel anything let me know.

    .... He just goes, nah all I ever feel is pressure. He was so nice about it. I felt like a A) idiot and B) jerk but he knew I meant well.

  • Jan 17

    I find it's the other way around. You're new, excited, have the knowledge and skills to function safely and you want a job? Sorry, need 5 years experience. You want a normal shift so you can handle your new career? Sorry, you work every holiday and the worst assignments and nights and weekends 'cause you don't have seniority. Not to mention how horrible and cruel some of the older nurses treat you...

  • Jan 17

    Quote from VickyRN
    Sorry to hear about your frustrations. But it is expected protocol in any career situation (whether the dime store or the medical-surgical unit at the hospital) that the senior employees have their pick of shifts, holidays off, etc. They have earned that right through their years of loyal service on the job. To expect anything else is a sense of entitlement. And there you go with another ageist stereotype (one I forgot to mention in the article) - Older nurses are crusty old bats who are cruel and mean. Some older nurses may well be crusty and mean, but I have met my share of younger nurses who are passive-aggressive and vicious. Most nurses I have had the pleasure of knowing throughout my career - whether old, young, or somewhere in between - are kind, helpful people. Let's throw the stereotypes out - each nurse should be judged solely on the basis of his or her merit.

    Where I worked, I was the only RN. But the LPNs were older and had more seniority. So while they had 15 patients each, I had 50, plus every IV in the building, just because I wasn't the one with seniority. But I had more work and responsibility, so why didn't they put me on the acute floor instead of making em LITERALLY run around the building so the "senior" nurses didn't have to give up their smaller, easier assignments? I quit because I wasn't going to put my license on the line doing all the IVs and central lines that I can't even monitor 'cause they stuck me on the heaviest assignment on another floor. WHY? I was new and the youngest. Meanwhile the older nurses would try to tell me, "Oh, I'm not allowed to do such and such procedure." Oh really, cause the BON says you can, stop trying to lie and get me to do even MORE of your work.

    I get tired of being treated like a stupid child because I am young and new. I respect experience. I really do. But to be treated like crap because I am new, well, we all started somewhere. To not be given a chance, or worse, to be abused because of it... Well, the work culture of nursing is a sad situation. If you're new, go to Hell. If you're old, go to Hell. I think the most experienced nurses and the new nurses should stick together and save nursing. But alas, it's all a game to some people, or a power trip.

  • Jan 17

    I find it's the other way around. You're new, excited, have the knowledge and skills to function safely and you want a job? Sorry, need 5 years experience. You want a normal shift so you can handle your new career? Sorry, you work every holiday and the worst assignments and nights and weekends 'cause you don't have seniority. Not to mention how horrible and cruel some of the older nurses treat you...