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  • Jul 9 '15

    Quote from chadwick13
    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I chose not to post my question in the "correctional nursing" category because I need outside perspective.

    I am in my 40's with no prior healthcare experience. I've worked in this prison for a few months as my first LPN job.

    Before nursing I worked in many jobs with difficult people and have done well.

    I am a hard-worker and very conscientious. I treat my coworkers with respect and try to be a team player while learning how to be a good nurse.

    Forgive me, I may jump around a bit. This is the first time I’ve been able to discuss this with anyone else in nursing.

    My main preceptor cuts me down every chance she gets and I have no way of knowing how I am doing. I am one of the few nurses who gowns up when required and who does not pre-pour meds but I am constantly getting comments from her and other nurses about my performance. I am doing my best to increase my speed while keeping my patient and myself safe and I am hoping speed will come with practice.

    My passes are usually within compliance but I take longer than everyone else. When the experienced nurses do a med run they generally have close to two hours of downtime to sit in the breakroom so I’m guessing this workload is pretty light.

    Also, I need an officer to escort me with the med cart and sharps. They literally roll their eyes and make comments when they see they're with the new girl and then proceed to rush me the entire time I pass meds just so they can sit down and chat with the others. Mind you their sole job is to be available to me as needed.

    Even though I ignore them, I am having a hard time developing an efficient routine because I am constantly fumbling as I try to rush and I feel like the worse nurse alive.

    Normally I have no problem speaking up but the people here thrive on cutting one another down and there is no one I trust enough to go to. I had hoped I could just deal with it until I became independent.

    Would a nursing home be a better environment to learn in? Is this normal for new nurses?
    I want to be a good nurse and work to bring a positive note wherever I am but the negativity is taking its toll.

    I know nursing is hard but is it this toxic everywhere? I guess I'm mostly venting and looking for advice to help me see clearly because this is the only healthcare job I know. Since I only pass meds, would I get more hands on experience in a nursing home?

    Thanks so much for listening, you all sound like a great group and I feel lucky to have this site.
    Corrections is definitely not for everyone. But there will be rude & toxic people no matter what job you go to, that won't change. You have not been at that job long enough to develop a routine, that is something you will have to do at any job as well.

    LTC is tough. You will be responsible for 30+ residents. Personally, I'd rather work corrections over LTC any day. I also like not having to deal with family members in corrections.

    Don't rush. Even though other nurses or the C.O.'s might want you to go faster, tell them this is the speed you are comfortable with. You have to speak your mind & don't be afraid to. You have to speak you mind at any job you're at.

    You will probably get more hands on experience at a nursing home, you just have to decide what you're comfortable with. I don't know how many months exactly you've worked there but if you could hold out at least a year it would look good on your resume. If you could, maybe shadow a nurse at a nursing home to see if you would be comfortable at a nursing home.

    Don't throw in the towel just yet, you haven't gotten a routine down. Also don't be afraid to speak up if you feel rushed or something is wrong. Good luck.

  • Jul 9 '15

    $35.00/hr inpatient adult psych unit on long island. Paid benefits, unionized, vested after 5 years. Will retire at 55 yrs old with full pension after 34 yrs of service...only 7 more years..LOL. Granted i have been working here for almost 27 years and started at 21 yrs old in peds where i worked for 24 years and now psych for last 3 years. Was very lucky to get this job when i did.

  • Jul 9 '15

    Home Health Visiting Nurse in Orange County, California (1 year licensed)

    Agency #1
    $20 for daily insulin injections, $33 for skilled assessments, wound care, injections, blood draw etc. $45 for wound vac. No mileage unless I am traveling 20 miles or more from my home.

    Agency #2
    $28 per visit however 98% of all my visits are skilled observation or teachings.

    I see between 8-12 patients per day and am off all weekends.