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  • Jun 3 '15

    First of all, congrats!!!! Taking a year off between school and sitting is a hard thing to do
    secondly, you've posted your real name and the state you live in. Depending on how much info your Bon website divulges, you have given far too easy of clues that can lead any ol weirdo potentially straight to your front door. . Please consider some major editing of your posts.

  • Oct 9 '12

    If you can just get one down that will give you a push! A couple hours a day, or even stick 1 or 2 pages of your study guide in your pocket to carry around and look at when you get a chance - YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  • Jun 13 '12

    Congrats! I am happy it all worked out for ya!

  • Jun 7 '12

    Thanks for the tips!! Yea- I'm knocking them out as fast as possible- my husband comes home from Afghanistan in 18 days- I haven't seen him since October- and I DO NOT want any theory exams hanging over my head- I want 3 weeks of NO SCHOOL!! Thanks again everyone!

  • Oct 27 '11

    If you can work ,you can work. We've had this discussion on here before.

    Keep it to yourself until YOU are ready to tell them, especially in this economy. Honestly the only time an employer needs to know about your pregnancy is when it starts interfering with work, and you may need time off or accommodations. So you are good for now.