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    Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is doing home health travel nursing in Florida?

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    Which agency do u work for? Certainly does not seem right, not ur fault they dont have the units during the week for u!

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    I am pay per visit, am i reading this correctly, is it a federal regualtion to pay for travel time????

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    Anyone work for Pinnacle Home Care? Heard they have a very good reputation.,,

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    I didnt know what the tube actually looked like either, so i googled it
    thank goodness for google!

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    I have had pts with the pleurex cath in for a longggggggg time, the dr has removed the sutures tho, as the cath has that end that it cant come out.

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    Considering relocating to the gulf coast if florida, looking like 45 min either side of tampa.
    anyone do HH in that general area? Any advise?

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    Does anyone know if florid has plans to join the other compact states
    thanks in advance

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    I am interested also, the class is never offered locally for me either, but can u tell me how u found the local testing center?

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    Any qualified discipline can complete a transfer (sn, pt, ot st) and reg state it does not have to be someone that saw the patiet.
    Ie-- an office nurse/therapist can complete it

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    Ok, what am i doing wrong,,,,,,drawing labs off of a picc line, the same as i always have, but recently i have been getting called fprom the lab with the dreaded "spec has hemolized" , i get the spec to the lab within 30 min so i know its not that, the flow sometimes is slow, other than that i follow the proper procedure...any tips???

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    I have been in HH 28 yrs, and my simple ans to this question is NO! If u cover all the bases this job is basically never ending, you r either finishing up today or preparing for tomorrow.
    I literally have about 2 hrs of free time a day, HH has evolved so much over the yrs that it no longer lime it was, i nonestly sont see now any one with young children that require attention or rides here and there can do it.
    Bless each and everyone of us!

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    SOC date can not change unless the pt has been discharged. The date u get orders for your recert is the verbal order date, not a new SOC date,
    If this is new, which i doubt, we have not been doing it
    I have been in HH FOR 28 yrs and soc date is soc date period.

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    Date of last visit is last week, date of discharge is the date u do the oasis, visit findings are based on the last vist

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    I did 2 soc today, spent about 1 hr 15 min in the home, 1 hr 30 min on documentation and 30-40 min of travel, so usually 3 to 3.5 hrs per soc