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Home health travelers in florida


Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is doing home health travel nursing in Florida?


Specializes in nurseline,med surg, PD. Has 50+ years experience.

Is there such a thing as home health traveling?

Oh, yes. And growing rapidly.

I'm really interested in this also. I'm currently doing regular home health in Florida but would like to see about what travel home health opportunities are out there and what it's like as far as pay, mileage, units, etc.

Try calling some agencies. Travel often pays by the hour for home health.

Yeah I think I'll start doing that on Monday, though was hoping someone with travel home health experience could chime in on the actual experience. I was previously going to do travel for ICU work and recruiters I would talk to didn't want to be very upfront about the experience in the field, plus a lot of the times the rates they would give me were almost what I got starting as a new grad (factoring in stipend and everything else too). I'd love to do travel but not if I'm going to get a huge pay cut. I've still got student loans to pay off! :p