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  • Mar 28 '12

    Only 20 SATA is surprising to me. I did not count but I would estimate for every 15 questions, I would get 3-4 priority, 3-4 SATA, and the rest random. I got all 275 questions. Wising you luck that you passed!

  • Aug 19 '11

    Most of us in the office have been field nurses. Most of the field nurses have not been in the office. I do get very irate with field staff who think that it's a walk in the park to work in the office, that all we do is sit around and eat and chat and make up reasons to bug them. I started to go into a rant about lazy field nurses, but decided that really wasn't going to help matters any. All I can say is that you shouldn't judge until you've done the job.

  • Aug 19 '11

    Wow, that was rude.

    Try spending a day or two in the office and see what the office staff does and what kind of BS they put up with. You might be incredibly surprised.

  • Aug 5 '11

    Home health documentation is not going to change in the foreseeable future, and is actually like to get worse. If that is what the problem really is, reconsider if home health care is the right field for you at this time. Perhaps shift work would be more agreeable at this point.