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    Following as well. I did my BSN there and had a very good experience. I think I might be starting in Sept. Are you looking into federal loans? Did the FAFSA seeing what I get..

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    I think I am going to start the MSN program at SNHU. I did my bsn there and really liked it. Great program, great prof etc. I was looking for feedback on the grad program. Also did anyone use federal loans to pay?

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    I am looking at going for my MSN and I don't really have a computer. Can I get away with a $200 one? It would be just for online research and writing papers. I am not tech savvy at all. I previously had macs but my kids broke my last one and it's not in the budget.
    Thanks for any advice.
    saw this...
    HP Stream Laptop PC 11-y010nr (Intel Celeron N3060, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC) with Office 365 Personal for one year

    and there is a chromebook for $250 too

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    My first job was on a behavioral/medical floor. Loved it, facility was great, patient ratio was under 10. Aides were great, and then the hospital closed :-( I took the first thing, in a ltc and subacute facility, I float between. I like the work, I really like the pts even the difficult ones ;-) PROBLEM is I rarely feel safe.Working 11-7 I float between several floors with between 40-20 pts, this makes it impossible to know their complete history. I feel like I am just doing a dusting every night , not a good clean i.e. I am just getting the pst to the next day, not really able to do great nursing :-( half the time I cry driving home. Also there are these procedures for all the paperwork that no one has really explained so I think I did something and it turns out I didn't really finish. There are some great aides, and then there are MANY that sleep/hide, don't even try? Granted there are some very hardworking ones, some work 2 CNA jobs, coming straight from another job, so they are pulling 80-100hrs a week, they work and send the money home, which is admirable, but they often fall asleep and miss call lights, while I am trying to pass meds, do treatments and document document ....ALso they often don't have equipment, supplies, etc
    There is a high turnaround there :-( I imagine they know why. Any words of advice?I want to leave, can I leave? I have been there about 3 months. I don't want to have a scattered work experience, but I don't want to jeopardize my license or harm anyone,
    thanks for any words !!!!

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    I applied as well and am looking to start in the Spring. Anyone test out of nutrition? Wondering if there are any study tips and how hard is the exam?

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    Anyone test out of nutrition for the RN-BSN program at SNHU? Is it a hard test? Any study materials you suggest? $100 vs $900 sounds pretty good!

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    Good luck everyone.

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    what state do most people live in? Anyone in MA? Just wondering if there have been issues with that, as MA seems to restrict so much. '

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    Hello I am a nursing student and looking for a safe activity to do with the pedi psych population? We often play cards at night, however they get too stimulated. I would love something like bracelet making, but I think the supplies might be dangerous? One pt has swallowed random items in the past. They are aged 6-12.

    Thanks for any ideas, I would really like to do something nice for them,
    thank you!

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    I believe if you really want something, you can make it happen. I currently work as a CNA, 32 hours, have 2 kids at home and attend a fulltime adn program. I have one more year left. It has been difficult at times, there has been NO time to just goof off, every minute is either studying, taking care of kids, working or being in school. I come home, and then husband goes to work... go go go. But I hope I pass, and can look back on this time time and just laugh, or something.

    It is stressful, but doable!
    Good luck

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    There were maybe 3 students whining? We have a wonderful class, with great enthusiastic students who will be excellent nurses some day soon! I am sorry if you are taking this personally/the wrong way. There is a place and a time for things, and what students where complaining about was the same thing, that was not going to be solved in that forum. I never have and never will trash my entire class, my school or faculty, yes things can be disorganized and sometimes scheduling is frustrating, but to linger on these issues is a waste of time. What is it you want done, need? I never got that from any student. I also heard one of the constant complainers got a high mark on her last exam, so what is wrong with that? That is super

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    Our school has tutoring, private time with profs, appointments with the DON, all for students to complain, vent, learn study techniques, some of the whiners are complaining about how they are paying for this program and should get a,b,c... and yes I am paying to and feel that I should not have to listen to a few students repeatedly complain over and over.

    I am glad there are my fellow classmates on here! I hope they learn some techniques on how to study, tools etc (I know I have) and use them for good! And I am well aware there are since I met so many when we were all applying :-)

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    Galipemi- yeah I think it is an age thing, first time around with my bachelors no one said anything or acted like these kids. I'm one of the older ones in the group, almost 40, and don't consider myself that old.. but I do consider myself a professional, at work, or at school.,
    they need to go and whine to the profs on their personal time, not during lecture time, because it is during my time, which I am being forced to listen to. I just can't believe how baby like they act, it's a shame, it really reflects poorly on them. My nerves are getting frayed with class after class listening to them :-(

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    FA Davis has podcasts FREE for their fundamentals book, and you don't need to being using that text for your school, pretty much the same material, just chapters are numbered can go to the itunes store or google it. that helped me a lot. they summarize each chapter into a 10-15 podcast.. i listened to it in the car all the time

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    I'm in a 2 year adn program, and I can't believe on top of all the work I have to listen to fellow students spend valuable lecture time complaining to the professor about....

    - the lecture not being animated enough

    - the readings too many, too long, too many books

    - study guides not being accurate (one student complained that hot packs were on the study guide, but we were tested on cold packs, I'm sure as a nurse we will only need to know the effects of one or the other right??)

    -that a snowstorm postponed our exam

    -that they don't understand a tough topic (like abg's) after a lecture and that they shouldn't have to learn it on their own time

    is this common in every school? there are many people who work, go to school, have families... we deal, what's up with these people??? I'm so tired of listening to them