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    was also just thinking you probably should not turn in a resignation letter otherwise you wont qualify for unemployment.
    Sorry this happened to you

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    Was just thinking I have never worked in a LTC facility that did not do a background check.

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    was just thinking, when I had my c/s my CRNA was the only person at my head side of the blue curtain. He never actually went around the blue curtain, just looked over to the surgical site and told me what was happening.
    The article says some of the women were in for c/s and I just would like to know how he got 'over there' without the other people in the room noticing.
    Afterall, my iv access was in my arm, which was outside the sterile field near the CRNA. I never got put under until everyone was in the room and my belly had been scrubbed.
    Definitely something missing from the story. Someone else must have seen and failed to report

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    This happens often with one of our docs. esp at night. He will call back 8 hrs later as if that's normal. We had an inservice the other day when the DON and Admn said we can NOT chart attempted to notify MD return call pending. I was like "yeah right..." and when a lawsuit drops,,,how exactly am I supposed to prove that I did infact attempt to notify the doc??

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    On a related point,,,,
    what syringes do you guys use to give heparin? Do you just use the insulin syringes or do you have designated heparin syringes? We use insulin syringes but it came up the other day that that is not the right tool for the job....

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    Thanks for all your comments.
    It truly upset me and most of the staff when she did that. The other CNAs offered to pick up slack and allow this CNA a chance to compose or even go home. Leaving midshift was not an option allowed to the CNA by the DON although everyone else involved did not mind picking up any slack.
    I just don't understand why the DON did not show any kind of humanity in this situation. I asked this question on this board just in case I was allowing my personal anger at the situation to blind other reasons for her actions, but I am glad most people agree that the DON was wrong. I would especially like to hear from other managers and DONs to hear how acting like that can benefit the DON in her attempt to manage workers.
    The only thing I can see she achieved was getting people upset at her and making it that much harder to get people to do 'non mandatory' shifts when asked.
    I am sure that we all now realize that if anything happened to any of us that requires compassion from the DON, we would be hard pressed to get it.
    Every day I get farther and farther away from the excitement of going to work at this place.

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    One of the CNAs got a call at work and was informed that her niece had died. The death was very unexpected, and she basically started crying (sniffling mostly with no loud and dramatic shows of emotion). The DON was informed of the situation and she told the CNA to get her act together and clean herself up because she was upsetting the residents.
    She was given a couple of minutes to go to the bathroom to fix her face, but could not take a 15 coz she had already been on her allowed 15.
    My question is this,,,,,,what is everyone's opinion? Was the DON right to tell her to get it together and reserve her emotions for when she got off work,
    Should she have been allowed to take a 15 heck,,,even a 30 if needed to allow time to absorb the info and get back her composure?
    I cry when my residents pass because it's the emotion that occurs to me at that time,,,are we not allowed to get emotional any more??

    Anyways...this just kinda upset me on Friday and wanted to hear what others thought.

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    For those who asked, yes my policy is with my employer. There is a reason not many people at my work place can afford to buy the coverage. How am I expected to have to meet a 10 thousand deductible while still paying $500+ a month.
    The 'good news' about the company I work for is that once you are there 5 years, the employer pays for your insurance (employee only not spouse of child). This sounds like a great deal....but think about how much you've paid up before the 5yrs are up.

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    off topic,,,
    but what time zone are these posts tagged by?

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    Well, I do have health insurance. I pay $250 every 2 weeks for me and my infant son. My deductable??? 10,000. That means before I can even come close to benefiting from all the money I put into my 'insurance'. I have to pay $10,000 out of pocket!!! How ridiculous is that?? Recently, I fell in the snow and sprained my ankle and ended up paying close to a thousand dollars out of pocket for the office visit, xrays and brace and pain meds. Lucky me,,,,I caught the flu from work and went to the doctor. Cost me another almost $300 for the visit and meds.
    Every time I take a bite out of my saving account for health related expenses, I wonder why I am paying $500 a month (sometimes more if its a 3 paycheck month).
    Everytime I say I will cancel it. And I would in an instant, but there is the baby to worry about so I keep paying. I should really research if it's possible to have coverage just for him. Am sure it would be much cheaper.

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    not really looking for a specific geographical area. Depends on what school would accept me and what kind of tuition/ financial aid they offer.

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    So, after considering my options, I have decided to try for RN-MSN admission instead of going RN-BSN-MSN route.
    My ADN gpa 3.27 GRE scores verbal 560 Quant 460 and the essay (I forget what it's called) 4.0.
    Does anyone know any school that would accept me? I was debating retaking for better scores especially in the math section, but a lot of programs require a 1000 pt total. And I really don't want to retake unless I have to.
    I am looking into FNP programs online and off line.

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    So am one of those who loove this story and the whole concept, but I can not for the love of me get past the staffing issues that make execution problematic.
    This works because the unit is small and probably has enough staffing (even house keepers are responsible for activities). What about in my 286 bed facility where 80% or more or the residents have moderate to severe dementia and have 11 cnas on 3-11 and 9-10 on nocs. Where exactly would they find time to shower prn offer meals prn etc.

    The other thing that bothers me is that resident who 'got moved from one nursing home on a feeding tube, bed bound etc. While I am glad that their loved one turned out to be one of the lucky few that got better, it drives me bonkers! when I have a resident's family insist that maw maw who is 102 years old and has end stage dementia, chokes on her own saliva, barely responds to pain stimuli needs to be fed 3 full meals a day and staff should not stop attempting to feed her even if she's sounds like she's choking. There has to be a line drawn that no matter how much or how badly we want them to get better, some people (I dare say Most people) with dementia will not get better. The thing we can strive for is to make their existence as pleasant and as troublefree as possible.

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    In the LTC the narc E-box is separate from the regular E-box. Taking stuff like cipro or phenergan from the regular box requires nothing but filling out the form and faxing it to the pharmacy for restocking.
    The narc box is another animal all together. Ours has like a total of 5 lortabs and a couple of ativan. Before even thinking about opening the box, you have to call the pharmacist to get an authorization code. Then you are only allowed to take out the minimal necessary coz presumably your supply will arrive via back up delivery in a short time. I get the whole needing a code to get in the box as a way to keep better track of who and why is getting in there especially because in most facilities I have worked, nurses are waaaay to lax about accounting for meds they remove from the e-box. It never ceases to amaze me how a nurse can pull the last glucagon from the box and not notify pharmacy then when someone else is in desperate need for glucagon, there is none to be found.
    The point of my rant is,,,,,we, the nurses, have not proven that we can be completely accountable for the box, which can open a door for someone looking to divert, therefore the laws that be have found it necessary to require prior authorization.

    OP: I hope your situation turns out ok. This may be a good indication to the manager or DON to conduct inservice on this issue.

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    I agree she is probably just looking for an 'easy ride with pay' for a couple of weeks before she has to get going. Heck that is a great way to get a paid vacation.