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    hello Myriam
    You gave me an answer i was looking for. I was pretty sure that american diploma is not accredited in France and that is a huge problem for me because I don't speak French. Also as you suggested I would like to find out more about the program as you said you can ask DDASS if that's not a probem for you. Who knows, maybe one day i would be able to speak frenchOnce again thanks for the info you gave me
    Hope talk to you soon
    have a nice week

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    thanks for your reply but i've already read about that and it talks about nursing jobs in France-not about education in particular, and I really need that information

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    I'm a Nursing student here in USA, and would like to find out more information about Nursing education in France. I'm in my junior year right now, but I 've heard that American diploma is not accredited in France. Is that true? I would like to find out the answer because I was planning to move to France( Paris) with my husband as soon as I get my RN degree.