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Nursing in France


I'm a Nursing student here in USA, and would like to find out more information about Nursing education in France. I'm in my junior year right now, but I 've heard that American diploma is not accredited in France. Is that true? I would like to find out the answer because I was planning to move to France( Paris) with my husband as soon as I get my RN degree.

thanks for your reply but i've already read about that and it talks about nursing jobs in France-not about education in particular, and I really need that information

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The only way really to find out is apply once you have a completed set of transcripts however if it doesn't meet their requirements or their nurse training program then they will not approve it.


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Hello cleaveland83!

I'm a french nurses and I work in France (not Paris ,in the south)!

I can tell you a of things about nursing in france or the life here. Tell me exactly what you whant to know!!! . first, do you speak french? for whorking in france you've got to be fluent in french. The américan diploma is not accredited here, you will have to pass an exam .If you whant, I can ask in a nursing school. Or DDASS(direction départementale des affaire sanitaires et sociales). The nursing studies are changing since this year. you can take more information in this site "infirmier.com", or "conseil de l'ordre infirmier".

You can tell me more questions, if I can help you!!



hello Myriam

You gave me an answer i was looking for. I was pretty sure that american diploma is not accredited in France and that is a huge problem for me because I don't speak French.:( Also as you suggested I would like to find out more about the program as you said you can ask DDASS if that's not a probem for you. Who knows, maybe one day i would be able to speak french:)Once again thanks for the info you gave me

Hope talk to you soon

have a nice week