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    The entrance exam was not as bad as I thought it would be. It only had reading and english, and I didn't buy the book. I wasn't really worried about getting a high score because it is a for profit school, like galen, so they don't go by gpa or ranking of the entrance exam. I didn't buy the study guide because I already had a book from B&N for the TEAS but barely looked at that one. It just depends on how long its been since you've had a math class.

    For Galen, I might be wrong about the price. I'm not sure if they gave me the price of the program over the telephone. I didn't want to go there in person because its so far from me. I know that Keiser Career College's program is 24K.

    The price was an issue for me for years! I went to HCC and did most of the pre-reqs for the RN program and then transfered to PHCC which had half the required pre reqs, but I did not get in to the RN or LPN program there. I wish I had just sucked up my pride and gone for LPN in the first place and tried one of the for profit schools for LPN, not RN. At least the pre reqs will be there when I apply for the LPN to RN bridge.

    Any advice about being in nursing school? Any time management tips?

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    Actually when I checked Galen, the program is more expensive. I chose the program at this school for many reasons. The school is closer, less expensive, starts sooner, has only 1 entrance exam, last less time (I think), and has some fridays off (about 30%). This is a newer school that not so many people know about and doesn't have the amount of people that are applying to it like Galen. I actually got the acceptance letter from the school today, so I am very excited, and am glad to know that by next summer I can take the LPN NCLEX.

    I never checked into Concorde or Florida Institute because at first I was looking at RN programs that were either regionally or nationally accredited, can you tell I wasn't being very picky?

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    I am surprised to hear its so difficult to find a job up north. Two high school acquantances just graduated with BSN's and they had two job offers before they even took the NCLEX

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    I am nervous and questioning if the school I have been working to get into for lpn schooling is either really unorganized or if I just didn't get into the program. Has anyone not received an acceptance letter from The Center for Allied Health and Nursing Edcuation in Tampa?

    I have taken all the steps to get into the program and at the educational interview with the dean of the program she said I would get a letter by the end of the following week saying if I got in or not. I haven't received anything yet and I was calling them for days with no answer, which is really weird. Then all of a sudden on Thursday of last week the receptionist answered and said that my admissions person hasn't done them yet and will get them done.

    I am worried that maybe I haven't gotten the letter yet because for some reason, even though this is a private technical school and I am paying out the wazoo for, I didn't get in. Another thing that I am worried about is that maybe this school is just really unorganized and maybe I should start looking for other private schools where I can still start this summer.

    The program starts in less than a month and I still need to put the $500 deposit down for my seat, which is making things hard for me financially because I don't want to spend the money that I have put aside.

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    I am a CNA in pinellas county starting lpn school in a few weeks. So far from the lpns I know they have told me is that they start from $17 to $21 an hour. I am assuming lpn's have more responsibility at a nursing home than at a hospital, but I don't know any lpns that work in a hospital setting.