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    Quote from elavalley3
    I'd like to thank all the wonderful posters on this site, you guys helped to inspire and counsel me to pursue my education as an LPN/RN =P

    I start classes in March, I'm excited and terrified at the same time lol. And a little geeked about wearing my scrubs haha!
    Congrats! You're gonna love it! I am starting Level III in about 2 weeks and I have managed straight A's so far. I will say that you get what you put into it! I graduate in about 6 months, so I'm very excited . If you ever need any help or have any questions feel free to message me! GOOD LUCK!!

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    Quote from dark40
    what school do you attend?
    I go to the Lancaster County Career and Technology center in Lancaster, PA...

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    Quote from SmilesNoir
    Alex.. What is going on in your world of PN school. We have come so far. I'm tired & want to sleep most the time

    Things are going well for me... I have like all A's except one B. I still have time to turn that B into an A though lol... School is going great. What's suffering for me are my relationships and my health. I've gained weight, gotten sick a handful of times, and I miss my husband and my girls terribly . I feel like everything revolves around nursing school!!! I am counting down the days until graduation (August 25th, 2011). After I graduate, I'm going on a vacation with my husband somewhere warm and tropical and he's buying me a boob job/tummy tuck lol. That's my graduation present and what's motivation to keep going... Terrible huh?? I'm excited to get back into the work force... It's going to be awesome to have a career and a good income. I can't wait to spoil my family <3.

    So how are things going for you??

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    Quote from mbur500
    Hi, I've been reading some of your posts and was wondering if you could tell me-when you say that it gets tough during 'check offs' and some people can't take it, what do you mean by that? Can you give me an example of the check offs? I'm just trying to figure out if I'll be able to hack it or not!! Did you have to give any presentations? Thanks for your help!!
    Check off's are simply skill evaluations. You have to perform a skill exactly as if it were the real thing and also, you have to remember all the steps and information in case your instructor asks questions, and that's why they are so nerve wrecking. You don't get any help or hints... We do have presentations every once in a while. Sometimes we have to work in groups and sometimes independently... I think the projects are nice. They break things up a little bit .

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    Update: I GAINED 30 LBS!!! Ugh... All I do is sit on my butt and I have no time to exercise. Today that all changed because class is starting to get a little easier now that we're almost half way through. Cardio first thing in the morning from here on out!!!

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    haha That was so funny... I wish we had that much fun at our school lol!

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    Quote from SmilesNoir
    thanks for coming back in here! I know, I was in books left and right that I could not read on AN. We had 70ish folks and lost 19 (I think) .. Its a sad feeling! I'm thankful for friends who support me..

    When is graduation?
    Graduation for me is August 25th, 2011. I'm in an 18 month program. How bout you??
    Yes, all the support is helpful... I know two people quit after 3 weeks, another after like 3 months, and then we had about 6 or so who failed check-off. You can't fall behind!! Even a little bit will mess you up...

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    Quote from hburatti85
    We are halfway through level 2 now! Wow, it's been insane. I am also proud of myself. I have managed to maintain As throughout the entire course! The thing that gets me the most is the Care Plans...Sometimes I just want to throw my Nursing Dx book out the window and throw out the care sheet forms.
    I think we'll all get sick of care plans lol... I think it's funny how we all freak out in the beginning and then we finally get the hang of it and it's like "wow... not bad!" Best of luck with the rest of your level!! I can't wait to get started!!!

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    Just wanted to see how everyone was dealing!! Where is everyone at so far??

    Level I is over as of this Thursday, and I'm extremely proud of myself ! I wasn't sure I'd do well but so far so good; I have all A's!! Today is my last day of Intro. to Med-Surgical Nursing and It was really interesting. The final is tomorrow and then we get all our Level II stuff and meet our new instructors. So I'm 33% done with my program lol...

    We lost about 9 people along the way, either because they quit or failed ... It got really tough during certain check-off's and some couldn't stand the pressure. By God's grace and sheer determination, I'm moving forward. I am not taking a moment of this for granted ...

    The most challenging part of this for me was clinical, but I loved working with the residents. I've learned a lot about myself, and nursing school has challenged me in so many ways, including my personal life.

    I've never loved/appreciated my husband as much as I do now !!

    Good luck everyone!!!

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    I was extremely nervous about becoming a nurse. I had no health care experience, and I had no clue what to expect. I'm wrapping up my first 6 months of my PN program and all I can say is that I LOVE IT! I have all A's and I'm learning so much. You'll never know unless you try, but in the end it's you decision . Good luck!!

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    I just finished level I of my LPN program, and we are now able to sit for the CNA exam. I am trying to figure out where I can get the Red Cross book to study, because I was told they do certain things a little differently then we are taught in PN school. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? I'd like to work as a CNA on the weekends to get more health care experience before I graduate. Thanks so much!!

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    Hi everyone!! I go to The Lancaster County Career and Technology Center. This month we're wrapping up our first level. We started March 2010, and graduate August 25th, 2011 I believe. I have all A's so far and I love it!! Very interesting. It's an 18 month program consisting of 3 levels and we get breaks in between each one. The pace is fast, but if your heart is in it you'll do fine ...

    Best of luck to everyone!! If you have any questions just message me...

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    So Wednesday 4-21-10, I am scheduled for my first check off in basic care. It's done using a "lottery" system so you don't know what skill you will have to perform until that day. It could be CBB, Oral Care, Hand Hygiene, ROM exercises, moving the patient from bed to wheelchair and v.v. ... You pick a paper from a "hat" and it will have two of these skills and you will be required to perform them perfectly.

    You know the drill lol...

    The problem is that I am not sure HOW to approach studying. I was thinking that I can make flashcards for all the steps, with rationale on the opposite side of the skill. I can go over them and drill them into my brain, and then just practice them on my kids and husband as much as I can. I'm planning on going into the lab to practice on the mannequins and I'm going to talk to a few other people so I can practice in a group... Whatever to get this down.

    Anyone wanna share what works for them when they are preparing for check offs? I'm all ears! This is what I came up with but I'm always up for a better/more efficient way of studying. I'm so nervous... The CNA's seem much more confident, but I have NO health care experience whatsoever... this is all NEW to me. HELP!!

    Thanks .

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    Quote from dee78
    I understand that you can get an A on paper and suck at being an actual nurse, I'm not even sure why you felt the need to even say that. I wasn't bragging about my grade, even though I am proud of it, I was just setting up the thread so that there wasn't any question about my committment to the program itself.

    I do practice in the lab on my own. We even came in during spring break to practice. I can't stay after with the instructor very often (she's available on Mon and Wed only) because I have to get my kids. We get together during lunch or after a test to practice. So I do get some practice time in, I just expected there to be lab time with an instructor during the day. I wasn't aware that it is typical to not have much lab instruction.
    Don't explain yourself to anyone, dear. Being an A student is something to be proud of and is indicative of a dedicated nurse. Some people are just negative and you have to ignore them. I honestly feel that if you don't have anything good/constructive to say then keep to yourself. After reading that post I didn't see how it was helpful. Some people have to say things like that to themselves because they probably skimmed through nursing school and did everything halfheartedly even though they were intelligent enough to give that A effort. That's the only explanation as to how a nurse could be successful without making the kind of grades that would reflect that... It all starts with dedication to your studies.

    I am in a similar situation. We're hit with so much theory up front, followed by limited time with the instructor. We have DVDs to help us practice at home though, and for that I am grateful. Just practice every chance you get. You're doing just fine so far, so take on the challenges one at a time and continue the hard work . Try looking up some video tutorials online. You might find some useful stuff!


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    Quote from ItsTheDude
    someone sounds a bit too excited, ha, good for you.
    Is there really such a thing as being "too excited" ?? That's what gets me through the day... Maintaining a child-like excitement for every lecture lol. I treat every chapter like a new holiday, and Monday I've decided will be Christmas!!! (Just kidding haha)

    I hope everyone has a great week !!!!!