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  • Sep 12 '14

    New Survey Says Nurses Are Bullish on the Industry Outlook and Encourage People to Enter the Field

    EXCELSIOR, Minn., Aug. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A survey from, the largest online networking and support site for nurses, reveals that the majority of nurses (74 percent) think the job outlook for the nursing industry is positive. Nearly three quarters of respondents (72 percent) would recommend that a person go into the nursing field, and the overwhelming majority (82 percent) believe that the nursing industry has a positive perception in society today.

    "There are many misperceptions about nurses, the role they play, and the industry overall," said Brian Short, Founder of, and a registered nurse himself. "These survey results - which are quite positive - provide a more accurate and up to date look into what nurses think, and indicate areas where patients and nurses can work more closely together."

    Of particular importance, said Short, is the critical role that nurses play in serving as the patient's advocate. He encourages patients and their families to talk to their nurses as they are the closest to the patient and work hand in hand with doctors to deliver the best and most appropriate care.

    Forty percent of nurses said the single biggest challenge they face today is the nurse-to-patient ratio. Nurses want to spend more time at the bedside, but administrative duties and having too many patients can keep them from doing so. Nurses also believe that patients and their families are confused when it comes to knowing the role nurses play vs. that of physicians, with less than 10 percent of nurses thinking that patients understand the difference.

    When asked what makes an ideal nurse, respondents ranked knowledgeable, compassionate and patient advocate as the most important characteristics. Gallup polls show that nurses are consistently ranked the highest among other professions for trustworthiness and credibility.1 When nurses were asked to weigh in on which hospital TV shows most closely resemble "real life," it was a close race among the long-running ER and Grey's Anatomy hospital dramas and the more recently launched documentary-style program, NY Med.

    More than 1,600 nurses and registered members of completed the survey, with the majority of them (47 percent) working in hospital settings. Recent estimates show that between 2008 and 2010 there were approximately 2.8 million registered nurses (RNs) and 690,000 licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in the United States.2 Registered nurses are the largest sector of employees in the healthcare industry.3

    Founded by Minnesota Registered Nurse, Brian Short, is the leading networking site for nurses and nursing students. For nearly 20 years, has been the collective voice of the nursing community, supporting the profession by providing a place where nurses can network, share, and learn from each other. With an ever-growing community of more than 825,000 registered members, is the go-to place to communicate and discuss nursing, jobs, schools, NCLEX, careers, and so much more. For more information, visit

    1Honesty/Ethics in Professions. Gallup. Honesty/Ethics in Professions | Gallup Historical Trends. Accessed August 8, 2014.

    2The US Nursing Workforce: Trends in Supply and Education. Health Resources and Services Administration. National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, April 2013. Accessed August 8, 2014Page not found | Bureau of Health Workforce

    3Occupational Employment Statistics. Employment and earnings in selected healthcare practitioner and technical occupations and healthcare support occupations, May 2008. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Accessed August 8, 2014 Health Care: BLS Spotlight on Statistics

    Official Press Release: New Survey Says Nurses Are Bullish on the Industry Outlook and Encourage People to Enter the Field

    Many thanks to all of you who participated in the survey!! What do you think about the results? Are you surprised? How did your answers compare with the results?

  • Sep 3 '14

    Whatever you do, PLEASE don't show a nurse breast-feeding at the nurses' station!!!

  • Sep 3 '14

    Those "About a Nurse" cartoon caption contests.

    The "nurse" is always assumed to be the same, pencil-thin little blonde with a pony tail. If her cohorts are not blonde, then they are in floral-print scrub tops just the same, which leaves us to conclude that all of the females depicted in these cartoons are the nurses.

    Conversely, if there is any character that looks remotely like a male, then he is (usually but not always) donning a tie and or a lab coat, and not a scrub top. Given the context we have no choice but to assume that the male in most of these cartoons is always the physician.

    Brian, darling, it's 2014. Lots of female physicians out there these days (surprise!), and lots of male nurses. Ain't it time to scour the innerwebz for some cartoons a little more with-the-times?

    I want to see a cartoon with a black female physician and a couple of male nurses.


  • Sep 3 '14

    Quote from emtb2rn
    We're a clique, not a click.

    "If my answers frighten you then you should stop asking such scary questions" Jules Winnfield

  • Sep 3 '14

    Im really not trying to be rude to the OP, but this has to be said! Please stop overreacting! Life is not full of rainbows and you are not going to get what you want every time. Why are you fishing for sympathy when previous posters have already given you succinct and relevant advice? You need to move on and show some strength of character- you are not a child and frankly, no one really cares if you never post again...

    (Me.. expressing my disgust at an entitled generation of which unfortunately I am a part of...)

  • Sep 3 '14

    I feel like we have all looked over the resume job hopping problem & somehow made it about the job market. Based on your responses to various posts, I think you should do 4 things to improve your career prospects:
    1) Work on developing an internal locus of control. See Locus of Control - Career Development from
    2) Be patient while looking for a job.
    3) Expand your nursing career options & apply in other specialties, such as public health nursing.
    4) Stay put for a while after you finally land a job, so you don't end up in this situation again (or are not as likely).

  • Sep 3 '14

    Help! i need to do an ethical issue paper on a pt. who refuses tx. for his hypertension because the tx. renders him impotent. ? is should he receive further medical care? i'm stuck on reasons to support the opposite point of view,not receiving care. thanks so much to anyone who can give me some ideas!!!

  • Sep 3 '14

    Quote from DaveBSN
    You folks are missing the point completely
    What do you mean, "You folks."

    Who's discriminating now?
    LOL!! Just had to.

  • Sep 3 '14

    Quote from DaveBSN
    I wasn't looking for a specific answer. I was looking for kindness and understanding but instead of receiving that I got loads of passive aggressive behavior, condescending messages and unprofessional attitudes. Allnurses is a mud puddle where bottom dwellers feed. This has become quite clear. Energy Vampires.
    Please read my previous post in regards to the bottom line of all nurses being a public forum for debate and ideas to be shared.

    If you are looking for unconditional kindness or understanding, seek that out with a friend, partner, or family member. Do not post in a public forum and then claim victim when people disagree with you.

    Honestly the most offensive things on this thread has been said by you. And do not proclaim to even begin to know about professional attitude when you are being a hypocrite. "Do as I say not as I do" eh?

    Some of the comments can be construed as snarky but you are by large the biggest offender with your outright disrespect and insult to an entire community just because they didn't agree with you and you didn't get what you were looking for. I try to be patient but I do not have it in me to coddle petulant behavior.

    All nurses is a great place to get feedback and information but I can see how an egocentric person can be confused about it. If you choose to continue to behave in such a manner then good riddance.

  • Sep 3 '14

    Quote from DaveBSN
    You folks are missing the point completely but I realize this click isn't going to recognize that. You don't have the depth.
    We dont have depth because you cannot apply for a floor position when your ER experiences is so limited. You have a high and mighty attitude about ER, you think there is a nursing shortage and there isnt. You ask for opinions and have problems taking it. Cry me a river. The contract was breached after 6 days but you decided to leave after a few months. LOL and you are blaming it on the breach. ok

    1 year of exp and you think you have alot of experience and can run circles around a floor nurse in their own setting? go away.

  • Sep 3 '14

    Quote from DaveBSN
    I wasn't looking for a specific answer. I was looking for kindness and understanding but instead of receiving that I got loads of passive aggressive behavior, condescending messages and unprofessional attitudes. Allnurses is a mud puddle where bottom dwellers feed. This has become quite clear. Energy Vampires.
    I have had great luck with all of the regular posters here. You have to think about the fact you been over 3 jobs and not able to hold onto any of them for more than a few months. You seem to have a problem taking personal responsibility and have a feeling that everyone is out to get you. I am sorry you feel this way, but if everyone is being rude to you, maybe you should look at yourself and wonder if you are just taking it the wrong way.

  • Sep 3 '14

    Quote from DaveBSN
    I wasn't looking for a specific answer. I was looking for kindness and understanding but instead of receiving that I got loads of passive aggressive behavior, condescending messages and unprofessional attitudes. Allnurses is a mud puddle where bottom dwellers feed. This has become quite clear. Energy Vampires.
    So my question is, "Am I being discriminated against?" and if so, who can I speak to about this?
    Most posters gave you their opinions that you're not being discriminated against. Nothing "passive-aggressive" about it.

    If you don't want an answer, why ask this question?

    Seems to me that the energy suck is posters who have a hidden agenda and get enraged when it's not met.

    Again, I'm sorry you didn't get the answers you wanted.

  • Sep 2 '14

    Quote from DaveBSN
    Seems like there are some really vindictive nurses commenting on this post. If you're just going to laugh at me, there's no need to post. Nurses are supposed to be compassionate, not laughing at others expense or trying to tear someone down.
    Vindictive, no. Amazed at Dave's naïveté and lack of research, as well as his willingness to immediately assume discrimination and discuss legal remedies to solve his hiring issue, Yes.

    Let's look at facts posted.

    Job one. Was there a few months as a new grad and among the complaints, he was not being certified fast enough or progressing through training as he would like. For the OPs information, in many if not most facilities, the focus for your first year out of nursing is learning to be a strong and safe nurse. It is not focusing on that nurse's desire to work up the ladder and become specialty certified, until they have reliably demonstrated significant base knowledge and ability in care of that patient population. In many specialties, one cannot qualify to take an specialty certification test without a 1000 or more hours in that specialty, or up to several years of experience.

    Second job. I have to wonder how diligent he was in his research about the position that he pursued. Many (if not most) prudent professionals when pursuing planned goals, would have researched and known the issues that led him to leave that position. That he did not take the environment into account, when taking the position says a certain amount about his planning.

    Third job. A rudimentary review of BBs by experienced working nurses would have netted the OP plenty of data about the trap of overpaid contract positions in this economy. Not to mention the nonexistent nursing shortage. Or the fact that less than 2 years in one specific specialty is worth very little in this nursing world, where nurses with good and proven records and 3-5 years stable employment in a specialty are easy to come by.. Or the fact that we are judged on performance and not by what we say about ourselves. And a performance like the OPs, does not instill confidence in an employer, when there hundreds of applicants with much better records out there.

    Another issue, is the idea that the OP with his extremely limited history feels that he can work rings around experienced people in certain specialties. This is a red flag in and of itself.

    And as an additional note, whenever an applicant starts assuming that some form of discrimination is at issue, without reviewing errors that they have made, there is a problem.
    Third job. If the OP ha

  • Sep 2 '14

    Nurses are indeed equipped with empathy but let's not forget that you're not their patient and that all nurses is a public forum. I applaud you for calling out those who have been rude but do not think that people who disagree with you are being antagonistic. A public forum is a place where people can share their thoughts and opinions.

    You stated that there is a nursing shortage, others disagreed and posted sources (like esme). This doesn't make them "mean" or nasty. While I can't speak for the others, esme has been a tremendous resource and seems to be super nice/helpful.

    People may think that all nurses is like a support group but the truth is it's not. You CAN find support here but you are more likely to find opposing opinions.

  • Sep 2 '14

    Quote from DaveBSN
    I think it's the way things are being stated that's most important to recognize. We nurses are equipped with empathy (let's hope) and each nurse that has made a comment that sjalv noted above knew they weren't being anything but sarcastic and/or antagonistic. This would include the "guide" who seems to think that I need a reality check instead of showing empathy and understanding.
    I already said that I am sorry. IN their defense you weren't listening to what was being said......The job market stinks right now. Your frequency that you have moved jobs looks bad on paper. It is the harsh reality right now. Visit this thread.....

    "Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted" Ralph Waldo Emerson