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    Thank you soooo much for your help! I am a full time nurse going to school full time and I just didn't have the time to try and find someone I didn't know to answer the questions. I really appreciate it!

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    I am suppose to do an interview with an advanced practice nurse and I personally do not know any. If any can help it would be greatly appreciated! The questions are posted below!

    Advanced Practice Title___________________________________________
    Graduate School Attended_________________ Date of Graduation:_______

    1.What are some reasons that you decided to return to school for an advanced practice degree?

    2. Please share your your greatest challenges you have expereinced in your Advanced Practice Role?

    3. What do you percieve to be the major barriers to practicing in this role? How has or is legislation working in your practicing state to remove any of these barriers?
    4. Describe your greatest reward in this role?

    5. How would you describe your advanced practice nursing role changing in the next 5-10 years?

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    Wow people seriously? People wear a lot worse in public. There was the words "casual wear" in the original post. It's no different than wearing athletic pants or similar out in public. It's not like your going on a date or something. I sometimes like to wear my black ones with my college tshirts, etc. I think it's comfy and looks completely fine. As far as germs, as long as you've washed them I'd say it's fine.. I'm sure we're all smart enough not to wear our dirty scrubs everywhere.

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    Although having a break in between shifts can be a relief, I often find it better to just do the three days in a row, especially with night shift. Working night shift already is a nuisance in itself because you are out of sync with a normal sleep/wake cycle, but if you work say, two nights and get one night off, then come in the next night, it seems like it just ruins my whole week. It doesn't even feel like a break ya know? I'd rather have my four off in a row to at least feel like I am getting a break, and to feel a little normal.

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    I have decided to go ahead and starting taking classes towards my bachelor's degree. I am going to a local university whose RN-BSN program is all online. I think altogether with the remaining general education credits I need and the nursing courses and support courses, I need 18 classes to complete the degree. In order for me to do this in 2 years I will have to go every semester and take three classes a semester which will be 9 credit hours a semester, which isn't even full time. I just have to wonder if this is a good idea while working full time. I was just wondering what the rest of you did while you got your BSN?

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    I am a new nurse and the facility that I work at uses the McKesson program to do our charting and for those of you not familiar, we chart by exception. I love this type of charting because it cuts out alot of things but I am also concerned because it cuts out a lot. I am not sure how to know if I am charting enough?? Anyone else have this issue or have any advice?

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    As a last semester nursing student I was applying to whatever position I could. I've always been one of those who wanted to work in OB. It was the subject area I succeeded the most in and it is just simply my passion. I had precepted on a medical floor of a facility my last semester and put my application in because I figured it would give me a leg up. I interviewed and it went well and did not hear any news for a really long time. I was getting discouraged so I started applying elsewhere, for any position that interested me. I saw a position on OB in a facility that is probably 45 min. to an hour away. Never dreamed I'd get a call back, but I did!!! Only, it was on my second day of orientation (yesterday) of my new job on the medical floor that I first interviewed for. I know its just an interview but Im so very disappointed. This could've been my chance, instead I feel obligated and stuck where I'm at. This is very frustrating. I'm gonna have to call the manager back and let her know I'm already employed which is gonna suck even more!! JUST MY LUCK!

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    Okay fellow nurses, this is a health question related to myself. I thought someone might be able to help. I had the MMR vaccine as a child... About 4 years ago when I was pregnant, my doctor had blood drawn and I was told that I would need an MMR booster after I have my son. So thats what happened. Then, in August of this past year, I began work in a hospital and they also drew blood and their results were negative for the MMR and they made me get ANOTHER booster. I started a new job in a different hospital this month and they drew my blood and got inconclusive results for the MMR which means neither positive or negative so they made me have my blood drawn again and am awaiting the results as we speak but I expect them to be negative as well.. Why could this be??? It's kind of a scary thing. I have done a little research but haven't really found much to be honest. I had someone suggest to get my IgA and IgG levels checked but thats all I've had to go on. What do you guys think? Anyone have similar issues?

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    I have decided to take the 8 am slot closer to my home. I am going to drive over the night before so I can find where I am suppose to be going and staying in a hotel the night before. I have decided to do this because being able to think before a test really bugs me sometimes. Sometimes its best to just do it. And also, this town is much smaller, only 17000 people. I don't want to get lost or stuck in traffic the morning of the exam. If I were to elect to a later time, I would be in STL traffic, no thanks! Ill just be sure to get plenty of rest the night before (good luck) and wake up early, go get breakfast and drink some coffee.

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    I graduated RN school in December and have finally received my ATT. I was wanting to schedule my testing date for about 4 weeks from now. The only problem is that every test date only have time slots for 8am. I am NOT a morning person. Should I go ahead and go on the date that I want and just deal with the early time slot, OR schedule a different day thats quite a bit longer than I want or drive an extra hour and a half for my desired time slot, as there is another testing center that has later time slots but I would have to drive further. Do you think the time would make that much of a difference? I just want to be at my best for this test!

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    So I graduated at the end of last month and my school just sent our transcripts to the board on the 3rd. So obviously, I don't have a test date set just yet. I feel like I really need to start studying a lot, but I'm finding it really hard to study without a date to work towards. So how long before your test date did you start studying???

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    On a med/surg floor, you'll be seeing alot of postoperative patients which would be the "surg" part and with the "med" part, think along the lines of pneumonia, copd exacerbations, kidney failure, pancreatitis exacerbation, etc... just any medical condition that a person might have that requires hospitalization but does not require critical nursing care as you would see in the ICU... Some hospitals have surgical floors and medical floors that are separate and some hospitals have floors that are a combination of both which you would probably see in a smaller hospital.

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    Also, on the first one, I chose B. I chose this answer because all of the other three answers were dealing with cancer related issues that the oncology nurses would be use to seeing, and B was dealing with pain assessment and the such which every nurse is familiar with.

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    Ive dealt with this issue several times in the last two years, but if we were able to show them in the book why we chose a certain answer, than most of the time we got that point back. I think that with our school, this stems from instructors not making their own tests and using tests from previous instructors and classes, etc... But I definitely would've picked Zofran as Narcan is most widely used for Morphine anedote... Not to say it couldn't be indicated for nausea, just that they don't teach us that in nursing school so why would a student pick that answer??

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    So I will be graduating soon and as every other nursing student out there, I am starting to freak out about passing boards. I have considered taking the Hurst Live Review where you go for in for three days of live lecture, but its 350 dollars!! I really cannot afford that. I've also noticed that they make a book as well with test taking strategies and other content as well. I thought about just buying the book, but what if I just don't get as much out of the book?? Has anybody had experience with either the live review or using the book? THANKS!