Finally got my ATT, now I have a dilemma


I graduated RN school in December and have finally received my ATT. I was wanting to schedule my testing date for about 4 weeks from now. The only problem is that every test date only have time slots for 8am. I am NOT a morning person. Should I go ahead and go on the date that I want and just deal with the early time slot, OR schedule a different day thats quite a bit longer than I want or drive an extra hour and a half for my desired time slot, as there is another testing center that has later time slots but I would have to drive further. Do you think the time would make that much of a difference? I just want to be at my best for this test!


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Haha! That's me! I noticed a few time slots for 8 AM, in fact they all were! I was forced to pick one day in February that didn't come up until later in the afternoon. You'll notice that checking the schedule often gives different days and times because people cancel. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be 8 AM. :-(


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Good question. If you are really not a morning person then take the drive to another center this will give you time to clear your mind before and after the test. Good luck

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I have decided to take the 8 am slot closer to my home. I am going to drive over the night before so I can find where I am suppose to be going and staying in a hotel the night before. I have decided to do this because being able to think before a test really bugs me sometimes. Sometimes its best to just do it. And also, this town is much smaller, only 17000 people. I don't want to get lost or stuck in traffic the morning of the exam. If I were to elect to a later time, I would be in STL traffic, no thanks! Ill just be sure to get plenty of rest the night before (good luck) and wake up early, go get breakfast and drink some coffee.