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    I wish that I had an answer for your question but I actually have a question to ask you. I spoke with an advisor the other day from Drexel because I want to go back for my MSN and they told me that I couldn't do my clinical in NY. Have they been helping you find clinical placement at all or have you been stuck doing it alone? I've been nervous about applying because I didn't want to be out of luck if I couldn't find something.

    Hope you find something soon !

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    Hi to all!

    I have a few questions as I am actively seeking a MSN program in nursing. My ultimate goal for my career is to become a nurse educator; I would like to be able to teach at the college level at some point whether it is in a clinical setting or classroom setting. I do understand that I probably will have to get my PhD or DNP at some point in order to do this. I have been going back and forth with myself about something though. Initially I was looking for a MSN with a focus in nursing education but it has also become apparent to me that if I went for my NP I would be able to teach but not the other way around. I truly have NO desire; 0% to become a NP. I never really see myself working as an NP but I don't know if I'm closing a door by not pursuing it. It definitely wouldn't be my passion like I feel teaching is. Which leads me to my next dilemma. I've been having a really hard time finding programs that I truly feel are good online MSN programs. I also am struggling because in New York with these online programs your not allowed to do your practicum in New York; I'd have to go to another state for the practicum which makes me very leery especially working full time. If anyone could get me some guidance to the following questions I would truly appreciate it:

    1) Would you go for NP or Nurse Educator given what I said above?
    2) Can you recommend any online MSN programs that you feel are well rounded programs & would not have difficulty transferring credits later for possible PhD?
    3) How do you feel about out state clinical placement?

    Your responses are so appreciated...I really just want to get back in school and am so confused about the direction to go..

    Thanks in advance!

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    I took my NCLEX-RN this morning at 8 far I have a good pop-up but feel like I got a lot of questions wrong. I guess we will know on Thursday!

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    Maybe you should hold off on the pregnancy while you get accustomed to a new job & make sure everything else is line like your insurance and vacation time?

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    People who think this kind of behavior comes with the territory of the job need to leave the profession & get some respect.

    We need to find a better way to deal with patients and families who become verbally and physically abusive to staff.

    There is a line between anger and disappointment & violence.

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    Everyone has to find their niche in nursing..and maybe it isn't for some people. I strongly considered going to med school before I decided on nursing school. The reason I decided to switch was because I do love the close relationships with patients. I do love teaching patients and their families--and I like being able to help heal the patient!

    Like they say--the grass isn't always greener on the other side!

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    Mental condition or not. The fact that someone entered a nursing home with a gun in hand seems like enough premeditation to call it first degree murder to me. This is outrageous. How unsafe does it have to become for staff and patients before anyone does anything?

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    Unbelievable. Hate to pick up one of his orders :smackingf

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    May she rest in peace & justice be served !

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    Hi all..I have a kind of insignificant question but it is one that is important to me.
    I am halfway through my BSN program (woohoo) and currently working as an LPN. I am also currently planning a wedding that will take place approximately two weeks after graduation in early June. My marriage license will reflect the name change. So..when I apply for licensure and my ATT should I use my maiden name?
    I will take the boards around June 25th or soon as the school sends me the okay.. is it okay for me to use my maiden name on the applications and the day I test and make the Social security office, DMV and NYS BON aware of changes right after or am I required to apply with my married name because I will be married when I take the test.. it's all so confusing.

    Hoping someone has experienced a very similar situation! THANKS

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    I watched the entire documentary and I really thought it was excellent. Many times we see death so often that we just don't understand a lot of the decisions that people make. Of course we cannot impose our beliefs on others but this documentary allowed me to take a step back and look at what many families are really thinking & the decision they are being faced with. It also reminded me of the importance of having someone you trust appointed to carry out your wishes for you, should you not be in a state to do so yourself. Many of the cases expressed throughout this documentary expressed in one way or another that they were not one hundred percent sure what their family member wanted. This obviously leaves someone a huge decision to make and is burdensome. Overall I think it was an excellent special. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Thanks for posting this..We still have rehab patients with scripts for darvocet.. very informative

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    Congratulations to all of you. Thank you so much for your replies. Very inspirational.

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    She must have had a reason to suspect that you were carrying your cell phone. In my program if you are found to have your cell phone in clinical it is grounds for immediate expulsion as you may be violating patients rights through video or picture. Even at my job as an LPN every week at the top of our checks states if you are found to have a cell phone while on the floor working it is grounds for immediate suspension pending termination.

    If you have children that you are worried may be attempting to call you..always provide the child's school with your school information, they will be able to properly direct the phone call to the clinical site if necessary. If you aren't in the situation that you MUST HAVE THE CELL PHONE (which there are many ways around anyway), then leave it in the car. Make your phone calls & check your messages on your break.

    As for reporting the teacher, tread lightly..I don't know how far you are into your program but you aren't going to want other instructors knowing you for "reporting an instructor", it's very easy to fail students on jeopardizing patient safety even if it wasn't intentionally. If you really feel that strongly about saying something maybe you should speak with the instructor first.