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    Congrats avaloncar!! Did you use the quick results to find out???
    I took mine on Jan 27.

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    Same here Candwloc!! We will see. Praying for us all......

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    HELPPPPPP!! I am freaking out here. My test DIDN'T cut off at 75. I stopped looking at around 125 ((
    I just check PearsonVUE and it says"Our records indicate that you ahve recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member boeard for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." I REALLY feel like i FAILED, I have been crying since I left the testing site. Does the quick result work on Sunday (2 days later).

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    hello everyone. thanks for all the great posts about the new grad salary. i haven't seen anything on the pay for new grads in baton rouge. does anyone know what a new grad working at olol-br, womans hospital, oschner and baton rouge general should expect to start at? any input would be greatly appreciated.

    also, can anyone shed some light on the job market here as well. how long is it taking for the new grads to get employed? if its taking a while, what are the employers saying? are there any new grads unable to land a job?

    just curious about how things are and what the class of 2011 has to look forward to.

    thanks guys!!!

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    hi everyone,
    has anyone from louisiana received an email yet?? i think they forgot about us

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    Quote from maninnursing1234
    I'm soooo hoping that they do another round of emails today or sometime this week - please everyone let us know if you get an email!!!! We survived one round, there is hope for us yet!!!
    I agree mainnursing1234. What state are you located in?

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    Quote from sunraygurlRN2B
    Yes, it's my first time applying. I wanted to apply last year, but I missed the deadline for the paperwork because I was starting the program last August and my program wasn't going to send program acceptances until mid-June.

    What about you?
    This is my first time applying as well. I am in LA and it seems like none of the emails have been sent to our state. I am hopeful. Congrats!!

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    Quote from sunraygurlRN2B

    I only had 3 attachments, but my email had a letter instead of just being blank. So I guess one of your attachments is what the email was supposed to say.
    Just wondering, was this your 1st time applying?

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    Quote from stucky621
    did anyone get this on their credit report?

    DHHS PHS HRSA BHPR* inquiry

    I hope it means something on my report!
    Just curious, Which credit report did you check?

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    Thanks Helpingothersinlife!! Great Advice.
    Other students that have just completed the 1st semester, tips are welcome!!

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    I will be starting my 1st semester on Jan 11th.
    Do you mind sharing suggestions, study tips, do's and dont's with all of us that will be starting in January?

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    GREAT!!! Thanks so much melmarie23. I am excited and scared at the same time. I just want to be prepared so I will definitely check into Saunders.

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    Hi itsmejuli

    I will be a 1st semester nursing student in Jan 2010. I am very interested in getting the Saunders NCLEX to help with testing, would you happen to have the isbn#?

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    I had just started taking pre reqs last year and received my summons for jury duty. I tried to get out of it but here in LA if you are not in school full time, they will not exempt you. However, as a full time nursing school student, they would have excused me. You may want to make the call to verify. Good luck.

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    hello my fellow allnurses friends. i will be a 1st semester nursing student in jan'10. just thought i would start this thread. i am curious and i know all students are curious as well.

    yearly salary ?
    how long?
    extras? $$

    i hope we get many to respond!!